Kitchen Must-Have’s For Entertaining

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We all know whether we plan for it to happen or not, that the kitchen is the gathering room for the entire house. When family comes over for holiday visits, or friends stop by to chat, the kitchen is where everyone is drawn to

If that is the case for you, you may want to enhance your kitchen in order to make it even more perfect for entertaining purposes. Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a big commitment to make and can also be very costly. But there are some kitchen must have’s when it comes to entertaining.

Larger Island
When everyone does gather in the kitchen, it is nice to have one main hub where everyone comes together. Typically that ends up being the island. The latest trend with islands is that they now are larger than before in order to accommodate more seating for family and friends. It also makes the island more versatile. If you are preparing a few appetizers, you are not limited to one small work space. Also, since larger islands are being installed in more kitchens now, it makes a great spot to do everything from, crafts, bill paying, and even homework.

Double Oven
If you entertain quite frequently or take on the daunting task of hosting Thanksgiving dinner, having an extra oven would be ideal. While cooking the main course in one of the ovens, it is then easy to keep warm the side dishes and other parts of the meal in the other oven. Usually since double ovens are stacked one on top of another, this frees up a bit space in your kitchen, where your range and oven normally are located.

Build-in Refrigerator
Having that sleek look your kitchen is essential for it to appeal to the eye and of course to free up more space in the area. Just one way to accomplish this, is by having a build-in refrigerator. You can even have the refrigerator paneled to make it look like the rest of your kitchen cabinets! There are also some newly updated refrigerator features that are simply a must: counter-height pull out drawer, stainless steel which resist fingerprints, wine cooler inside the refrigerator, and even energy efficient refrigerators are now available.

Lighting can make or break any room. But with the flurry of activity that takes place in the kitchen, it is essential to have the proper lighting throughout this area. Since many people are treating their kitchen just like any other room in the house, lighting can also accent kitchen d?cor making the room feel even more cozy and inviting. Track lighting, ceiling-hung fixtures, chandeliers, spot lighting and other decorative lighting are all options. Depending on the area and the amount of light needed for that space, you have many lighting options to choose from. It also helps to install dimmers in certain areas of your kitchen, so you can adjust the amount of light accordingly.

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