Things to be Ascertained While Planning a Kitchen Renovation

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Is the outdated or poorly functioning kitchen still a cause of concern for you? Or you still consider cooking in the construction zone or your garage a fun? Well, the taste at the end would be surely catering a clear picture regarding how worth it is!! Prior to remodelling, it is better to consider all the available options up front in order to eliminate the mistakes.

It is always better to look here in order to get inspired to know the secret of an amazing kitchen model. Whether the task of remodelling is either a major fix or a minor one; the factors that corners it is time, effort and money. Hence it’s better to make the decisions prior to tearing your walls and cabinets. The below mentioned few things have to be deemed while remodelling your kitchen:


Well it is a point where the race of the renovation begins. Nowadays, you could easily find an array of designs, colours and materials with respect to your needs. If your pocket is full and if you are looking for resilient and stylish options then the patterned, imprinted marble tiles like quarts could be a better option. While sandstone paving would be right for your alley provided that you are keenly looking for a rustic look. Moreover, the stuff is not only about fulfilling or suiting your needs even the look of your kitchen is quite important.

Wall Treatment

To give a unique feel to your kitchen, deciding on wall treatment is also important. Though there are several options available at kitchen showrooms nevertheless it all depends on how subtle or dramatic you need your wall. You could either opt for white colour for a clean and pristine look or you could lean towards textured vibe. For a perfect wall treatment look for a one that complements your aesthetic.

Storage Space

If you are especially working with limited space then focus on the functionality aspect. Furthermore make sure that the shelves are installed in order to have adequate working and storage space. Consider the aspect of cost while adding space. Undoubtedly having an additional storage space could be a bit pricey so choose wisely.


Ventilation is a crucial aspect while figuring out what kind of ventilation system is right for your kitchen. Prior getting settled for a DIY job, a proper planning and technical know-how is required. Hence if you really think to get the job professionally done then it is better to hire the right people for this job. Thus, to avoid the retainment of smell whenever you cook have a good ventilation system.


With the right placement of a light bulb you could make or break the look and function of your space. For a bright room go for bright energy saving bulbs and for dramatic a few dimmers would be fine. If the window is placed strategically then you could gain the right amount of natural light in your kitchen. 


Indeed, if you have the skills regarding the renovation then you could obviously save some bucks. But before stripping your kitchen into bare bones it is better to tally each and every element like rental tool, finishing material, contractors’ quote, and disposal service in order to avoid some costs. Or else you would have to at least 10 percent of hidden expense on forgotten supplies and structural issues.
Finally, with all the above mentioned points you could start the remodelling or renovating work and get your dream kitchen.

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David Layton, an interior designer with a kitchen showroom Melbourne is keen to share the important aspects required while remodeling the kitchen.

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