Update Your Home: What You Need For The Most Impressive Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchens are no longer the tiny rooms at the back of a home that are ignored by homeowners who spend their time entertaining guests in a drawing room. The modern kitchen is the center of family life and a hub where guests gather. It is arguably the most important room in the home and as such, it should be the focal point of a home renovation.

New Counter Tops

Granite is still the most popular material for counter tops. While there are many options, granite is sturdy and makes any kitchen look great. Granite counter tops continue to be a feature that many home buyers seek when house hunting, so it can also increase the value of your home.

Open Shelving

With the kitchen being a place for entertaining as well as meal-preparation, many people want the ability to show off their dishware and gourmet spices. Open cabinets allow for this. Another way to get the same results is with glass cabinets, which allow the contents to be displayed while protecting them.

Apron Front Sinks

While this type of sink has been popular for a while now, the trend shows no sign of subsiding. Not only do they provide a focal point for a kitchen, these sinks are extremely practical as well. They are deep and allow height-challenged individuals to use the sink as easily as taller people.

Open Kitchens

According to CBS News, the vast majority of homeowners want open kitchens despite the fact that the trend has been around for a long time. This kitchen design style gives homeowners an open space in which they can talk to their guests while cooking. Open kitchens are also valuable features when selling a home.

Commercial Grade Appliances

These appliances allow homeowners to simulate a restaurant kitchen in their home. Features include brushed stainless steel appliances and six-burner cook tops. This is a part of the general trend towards function along with form. Kitchens are expected to be useful as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Greener Lighting

With incandescent light bulbs being outlawed in many places, more efficient lighting options such as LED technology are a good substitute. LED lighting provides light evenly with less heat and lasts longer as well.

Beyond all the benefits these remodeling ideas have for those living in the home, it is important to consider how renovations affect the home’s value. The right kitchen design scheme can greatly improve a home’s selling price and ensure that it gets sold quickly.

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