Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

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Do you want to modernise your kitchen but can’t decide where to start from? Don’t worry; we have it covered for you. This article will interest anyone who is either looking to modernise their kitchen completely or the trendy cook, who wants some inspiration.


Modern, well-equipped kitchens can’t function without a little spice! Well-chosen appliances can add just that to your kitchen. If you want to modernise your kitchen, it vital that you not only have the best functioning appliances but ones that have a sleek design too. Look for appliances that combine functionality with an eye catching design that promises to transform your kitchen.

The must have appliances ensure that will not only make your life easier in the kitchen but look fantastic too:

  • American Style Fridge Freezer: If you have a big family, you will know how necessary big fridges are. Choose a refrigerator that combines space with minimalistic design and offers an aesthetic that compliments your kitchen design.
  • Steam Oven: One of the most energy-efficient ways to cook food that makes your food more flavoursome and healthy as the food is able to retain its valuable nutrients. The design is very sleek and if you choose a matching oven, your kitchen will be transformed.
  • Hoods: Hoods are not generally renowned for their designs however the latest cooker hoods promise a well-engineered and stylish addition to any kitchen. The latest designs do more than just capturing odours from your kitchen and are sure to be a visual focal in your kitchen too.

Lighting and Accessories

Expect more than just ‘light’ from your lighting and go for a bold, statement piece rather than your standard light. If you combine the shape and style with your hood, you will have an instant statement piece in your kitchen. If you don’t wish to do that, chandeliers in big kitchens can also look very modern too.

Lighting doesn’t just have to come from that centre piece you have on the ceiling, in a modern kitchen everything is done to make your life easier so go ahead and put lights inside the cabinets too. We promise you, you won’t have to put your head in a cabinet to look for a pan again!

Long gone are the days when you were required to turn taps on with dirty hands, change your taps to sensor ones and avoid extra cleaning. These taps are great for anyone who likes to spend a bit of time in the kitchen and once you get used to the easiness, you will probably change the other taps in your house too.

If sensor taps don’t float your boat, go for an instant hot water tap that boils water instantly. You can go ahead and throw your bulky kettle out and the time it takes for it to boil water, as your tap will give you instant boiling, not-hot, but boiling water.

Other Accessories

If you want to transform your kitchen to not only a modern one but a futuristic one, change your tiles with 3D tiles which are very new and exciting. If you want your kitchen to be a trend setter, go ahead and choose a pattern.

If you hate the radiator and how it does not go well with the style of your kitchen, you can get rid of it. No, you won’t have to freeze in the kitchen or rely on the cooker to provide you with heat; you will just have to make a little, stylish addition in the name of a plinth heater. These heaters can be installed under the base units and provide you warmth without interfering with your kitchen design.

All that is left for you to do now is to choose where you want to start transforming your kitchen from and get modernising that kitchen!

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of kitchen experts The Kitchen Appliance Centre.

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