Kitchen Remodel: How Can Using Slate Tile Make Your Home More Chic?

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Remodeling your kitchen is an ideal way to add value, functionality and style to your home. When selecting materials, it makes sense to choose high-quality and long-lasting options. Slate tiles are a great choice for any style of kitchen. Consider these four great ways that slate tile can be used to make your home more chic.

Installing Protective Backsplashes

The natural beauty and heat resistance of slate tiles makes this material a wise choice for a kitchen back splash. The process of chopping, preparing and cooking food often generates splatters and splashes of grease and liquids. This can damage paint, wallpaper, paneling, and other surfaces. Some companies, like Monterrey Tile Company, know that with a slate tile back splash in place, you will be able to clean up the splatters with ease. There are slate tiles in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Creating a Beautiful Counter

Slate tile is a wise choice for the kitchen counter. You could have the entire counter surface made from these tiles. The durability of slate means that you could put a hot sheet of cookies right onto the tiles without causing them any harm. You could also chop vegetables directly on the tiles, no cutting board needed. The slate is also resistant to bacteria and is easy to wipe clean with a natural disinfectant cleanser.

Updating Your Kitchen’s Flooring

Slate is a natural choice for chic kitchen flooring. If you are planning to install a heating system, you could even opt for a heated slate floor. The slate is easy to sweep and mop clean. It resist stains and coordinates with any style of decor. Made to last, the slate tiles will look beautiful for decades to come.

Using Slate on the Kitchen Island

Many people enjoy the convenience of a kitchen island. With slate, you can use the kitchen island for hot pots and pans without risking burns or other damage to the island’s surface. You could have a few slate tiles placed onto the island and fitted into wood, marble, granite or another material. The slate is durable and an withstand hot temperatures.

Natural slate allows you to add earthy elements to your home and enhance its beauty. These natural tiles are carefully installed by home remodeling experts. The tiles are easy to keep clean, too. Once your kitchen remodeling project is complete, you will be excited to invite all of your friends and family to your home to enjoy a fun party in your refreshed kitchen.

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