Getting your Kitchen Colour Scheme Right

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If you’ve ever purchased a new kitchen, you’ll know how many decisions there are to make, how many phone calls it takes to get what you want, and how many aspects there are to consider before the process of having your dream kitchen installed can finally get underway. With this in mind, it can be tempting to ignore certain parts of the process that may be deemed not as important as others.

One such aspect is the colour scheme of your new kitchen. Compared to processes such as choosing the best material for your surfaces and cabinets, or picking the right fridge-freezer to suit your needs, deciding upon a colour scheme can seem trivial.

However, try telling that to the family who simply can’t stand their green walls and cabinets, which looked so fresh and clean at the time of buying, six months after purchasing a new kitchen which is otherwise perfect in both construction and design.

When planning a new kitchen, stick to one rule: get the simple things right. This applies to no aspect more strongly than choosing your colour scheme, so make sure you always get hold of a free kitchen planner and also bear in mind the following points:

The purpose of your room

Will your kitchen be a place solely for preparing food? Will it be the hub of your family home? Will you eat your meals in the kitchen? Will it be a place for relaxation or socialising? If food preparation is the order of the day, consider vibrant, clean, fresh colours, along with plenty of light (perhaps consider spotlight lighting) that will encourage you to keep all surfaces and cabinets clean.

If, however, relaxation and family time is key to the room, more relaxing colours such as deep reds combined with neutral tones may be wise. Combining more than one colour, for example contrasting the cabinet colour with the wall colour, can be very effective in rooms designed for eating as well as preparing food.

How the room fits with your home

Is your home a modern flat or a traditional cottage? Obviously the style of your wider home will need to match your kitchen.

It would look strange to have a kitchen boasting wooden tones, antique colours, and “organised clutter” in an otherwise sparse and modern flat. Ideally, you want there to be a harmony about your house, with one room flowing into the other without any interruption with regards to colour scheme.

Tiles or walls

Do you want to paint the walls next to the kitchen cupboards or use tiling? Either way, bold colours often work well. This is because kitchen cupboards are often designed in neutral tones and, because the wall space is likely to be relatively minimal compared to the wall space in a living room or bedroom, bold colours will not darken the room or look too imposing.

Spending time getting the basics right now, should ensure a long and happy relationship with your new kitchen. 

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