5 Common Architectural Styles for Houses

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5 Common Architectural Styles for Houses

Starting any project with a goal in mind ensures successful results. The same rule applies when building your dream home. Aspiring to a certain house design provides a solid foundational guide to follow. Each architectural design style offers certain aesthetics, structural features, and key statement pieces. They influence many of the decisions needed when designing a home, from exterior building materials to window types and doorway structures. Here are five common architectural styles for houses to consider when creating your dream dwelling.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes reign supreme as the quintessential American staple. They populate numerous suburban communities, providing people with an ideal starter home. As their name suggests, the Cape Cod house design originates from New England, where it first became popular in the 17th century. Typically, Cape Cod architecture features a one to one-and-a-half-story layout, brick fireplaces, multipaned windows, shutters, and a boxy structure. Cape Cod homes also include a high-pitched roof designed to combat heavy snowfall in an ode to their origins.

Tiny Home

With the rise of minimalistic trends, tiny homes continue to climb in popularity. They come in various forms, from simplistic wooden structures to upcycled container homes. Their main requirement is their limited square footage of 600 square feet or less, which calls for innovative designs and floor plans. Keep in mind that tiny homes also come with their own set of obstacles (such as specific building codes) on top of all the general expectations of building a new home. If you like a lot of outdoor space, versatility, and creative engineering projects, building a tiny home is right up your alley.

Tudor Style

Tudor homes embody a cozy cottage ambiance and often look like something straight out of a storybook. Their staple architectural features include exposed wooden framework, asymmetrical structures, rows of grouped windows, high gabled roofs, rounded archways, and a blend of building materials on the exterior. Tudor homes’ European aesthetics led to their decrease in popularity after World War II due to a rise in American patriotism. However, Tudor homes now coincide with the latest cottagecore trend, fulfilling people’s dreams of a fairytale home in the woods.

Victorian Style

This style typically refers to homes built during the reign of Queen Victoria, but following the lead of Victorian-style houses can lead to historical architectural design for your future home, no matter where you live. This style’s gothic-centric and regal inspirations make these homes stunning and unique. Common staples for a Victorian home range include colorful exteriors and bay windows. They also often include projecting porches that create a nice hangout spot to enjoy in warmer temperatures.

Ranch Homes

Ranch-style homes appeal to many fans of the rustic interior design aesthetic. This one-story home style offers a simplistic architectural structure. They typically run shallow and wide, generating a boxy exterior, and best suit large flat landscapes. Ranch homes make the most of their single-story layout by incorporating open-space concepts and a large, devoted patio area. Other signature characteristics of a ranch home include low roofs and giant windows.

Since each of these common architectural styles for houses consists of distinct features, they make a great starting point and inspiration for building homes. There are numerous other architectural styles to explore, ranging from French provincial to art deco. With the right design aspiration in mind, you move one step closer to achieving your dream home.

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