Smart Home Construction Design for 2020

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The world is constantly evolving, we see technology taking over different aspects of our lives more and more every day.

One of these changing aspects that’ll be huge in the future are smart homes. If you’ve ever seen the movies where a character claps their hands and the lights turn on, you’ve already caught a glimpse of this technology.

Smart home design means incorporating technology around your home to make living a lot easier. This can be in the form of wi-fi enabled thermostats, VAV systems (Variable Air Volume systems), and yes, automated lighting.

Smart Home Construction Design

Before diving in to how the construction design process works, it’s important to keep in mind that smart home technology and the like are all relatively new to the game.  So, similar to the way cars were only accessible to the rich in the beginning, smart home tech will be as well until its price matures.  If you’re interested in integrating this new technology in your home, estimating companies can help you come up with pricing for your project.

Smart homes work best when entire aspects of the home are integrated and blended in to one place. In other words, all the lighting, electrical outlets, window blinds, alarms, etc. are all managed in one place.

So, how would you do that? By establishing a wired data network.

Wired Data Network

You probably already have a wired data network in your home.  If your internet operates on a wired connection, then you already have the foundation for setting up a smart home 2020.  If not, then consider calling an IT service to setup the configurations for it.

Smart Lighting

The place where smart home tech is taking over the most is in the lighting of homes.  This can come in a number of different forms, from opening up the blinds, to turning on lights automatically when you walk in and turning them off when you walk out.  They do this by using motion sensors or integrating with your smart phone. 

Depending on the size of the remodel, making changes to electrical loads may require a permit and electrical drawings from a licensed electrical engineer.  Costs can vary, but a company specializing in residential construction estimating can be great to have to calculate the costs before starting construction.

Parents of young children could also benefit greatly from this as they can automatically schedule curfews every night without a single worry in the world.

Integrating this into your home can also help you save money, let me explain.

If you happen to fall asleep with the lights on or leave the house forgetting to shut off the lights, you could have a system set up to let you turn everything off and save you from an expensive electric bill.

It’s very convenient to have all the lighting in your home controlled in one place and could get a lot of mainstream media attention in the future. 

Smart Heating and Cooling

Another great smart home design comes in the form of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. These are systems that can all be managed through your Phone that control the temperature of your entire home.

Imagine having the luxury of feeling cold and not wanting to get out of bed and simply saying “Smart home! Lower the temperature to 71 degrees”, and then having it all done for you.

This is an extremely useful tool and would help many people around the world enjoy their homes more which is exactly why it could pick up a lot of steam in the coming year.

Smart Home Power Service System

Having your home powered through smart home technology could benefit the planet in a lot of ways and considering the new trends of protecting the environment and fighting climate change are picking up a lot of steam, this has a lot of benefits all around.

But you might ask, how would this help the environment?

Well, if all the lighting and utilities around your house were managed by one computer, many of the resources that would be wasted would end up being conserved. This reduces the over-consumption of non-renewable resources and benefits the planet in a healthy, green way.


Overall, smart home technology is still in its early phases, we still have a long way to go.

But, with technology continuing to make its way into every aspect of our lives it’s only a matter of time before smart homes become a part of our daily routines.

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