The Different Door Options for Your Patio

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The Different Door Options for Your Patio

If you’re tired of picking from common door types for your outdoor space, it’s time to look elsewhere. Today, we’ve outlined four of the different door options for your patio that you can choose from. Don’t just go with your gut instinct; go with something unique that defines your home’s personality.

Vinyl Patio Doors

When considering all potential options, it’s essential to keep door style in mind. In general, sliding doors are best for rooms with limited space. If you have a smaller space that requires a sliding door system to allow more room to move around, you should consider a vinyl patio door. One of the most common options among buyers, a vinyl patio door is durable and doesn’t corrode. You can customize the sliding doors with different colors and handles.

French Doors

French doors are a popular choice and a perfect addition to a historical home. French doors come with double doors that open and allow for a dramatic entrance. The windowpanes help conserve energy and help an area feel bigger. If you’re installing or replacing this type of door for the first time, get help from a professional who can ensure the door is placed on correctly.

Bifold Doors

A bifold door is the right option if you’re looking for something to optimize a view. The way bifold doors work is that the doors can fold in and out, creating more room in an area. The materials that are widely used for bifold include aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Since the doors are on a track, they should be installed, maintained, and fixed by a professional.

Moving Glass Walls

If you’re missing a statement piece on your home, then a moving glass wall system might be just the thing you’re searching for. A moving glass wall system helps envelope a room with stunning views to admire the indoors and outdoors. Similar to bifold doors, moving glass walls can make small spaces appear bigger. The opening appeals greatly to those who enjoy entertaining guests often.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Patio Door

Every patio door is meant to represent your home’s aesthetic. To help you narrow your search, here are some tips to help you figure out what to look for in a patio door.

  • Consider the home design. Whether you have a historic home or a brand new model, the type of patio door you choose should reflect your home’s aesthetic.
  • Consider your door’s location. Depending on your home’s size, you could get away with having a four-panel sliding door or even a pocket door. These two door types are essential assets when trying to make a home feel bigger.

As you learn the different door options for your patio, you’re on your way to finding the right type that fits your home. Regardless of door type, you’ll be happy with a patio door that allows a space to feel bigger and more welcoming.

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