Windows Types To Consider for Your Home Renovation

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Windows Types To Consider for Your Home Renovation

Renovating a home takes quite a lot of effort, skill, and attention to detail. You must choose each piece while considering how it works with the house as a whole. Often, we might find ourselves caught up in all the responsibilities of renovating that we disregard crucial aspects that greatly affect the look of the house. One of these aspects is the windows—their appearance can truly make or break a home’s appeal. Here’s more information on the many different types of windows to consider for your home renovation.

Picture Windows

When you think of lighting, you can’t help but think of picture windows. These types of windows let in great amounts of natural light. In the real estate world, a southern exposure can be something that significantly ups the value of your home. After all, many buyers prioritize natural lighting when looking for homes.

However, there are some aspects to consider if you choose this type of window for your home renovation. You should think about the whereabouts of your home—is it in an area that receives good light? Moreover, are the visuals desirable? Renovators often use picture windows on homes in forested locations or areas with great views.


No matter what type you choose, there are many benefits of upgrading your home’s windows. However, as you choose, it’s helpful to consider the practicalities that some styles have that others might not. Double-hung is a window type that you generally don’t see too often since renovators opt for single-hung.

However, these windows allow you to move and open both sashes. That means you can open your window from the top and bottom—hence the phrase double-hung. This style is a fantastic option as it allows for more ventilation and airflow in different dimensions of your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are exciting additions to your home since the method for opening them is different from your regular window. With casement windows, the hinges are on the outer borders, meaning that you open them sort of like a door, and when opened, they resemble an open book.

Casement windows are best for homes with picturesque views as they don’t have sashes to block lighting or any beautiful sights. Moreover, when opened, they allow for greater breezes to enter the home, which is why you tend to see casement windows on beach houses. Casement windows are different from picture windows since you usually can’t open the latter, which can be a bother when you want to feel a crisp sea breeze. This may make the casement window style ideal for you.

Palladian Windows

If you’ve ever visited Italy, you may have wanted to take a bit of it back home. Thankfully, you can have Italian aspects in your home by installing Palladian or Venetian windows. These windows give off a formal vibe. That’s why you will find Palladian windows in homes with Renaissance-like Italian-style architecture and design.

What’s most notable about these windows is their quintessential three-section design that features one large window nestled between two smaller ones. Moreover, a hallmark of Palladian windows is the stunning arches that draw your eye to them. If your home renovation has a Venetian theme, you might consider Palladian windows to add to that effect.

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