How To Estimate Your Water Bill

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how to estimate your water bill

Utilities at your home can drastically change the month-to-month price you pay for rent. However, utility charges vary depending on the location, service provider, and usage. When you build your home, you may look for ways to cut your utility costs, but the fact remains that you will have these recurring costs throughout your entire time living on that property. If you want to calculate your bills, you will need some information first. Here is how to estimate your water bill.

Figure Out Water Usage

One of the largest determining factors in your water bill price is your water usage. The amount of water you use will fluctuate each month, so this number will change, and thus your entire water bill price with it. So, you will need to figure out your water usage and convert it to CFF, or centum cubic feet. One CFF is equal to 748 gallons, so be sure you use the right units when measuring the water use. Considering the average American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water a day, you can calculate how much water you use in your household per person.

It is essential to remember that water usage changes according to several factors. The number of people in your home, the number of bathrooms in the house, your dishwashing habits, the time of year, and more all impact the cost. Consider these variables as you estimate your water bill and reflect on your water usage trends in previous years and residences. The type of water appliances you use also matters—do you have storage or tankless water heaters?

The Minimum Bill

Your water company will charge you a minimum bill, so be sure you understand what this entails. Many companies charge for the continued water hookup and a base water usage charge. The hookup charge may sound confusing, but it serves as the baseline charge for the company to continue offering water to your location and managing your utility service. Everything on top of that is the charge for the actual water you use. Check your previous bills for this baseline payment and see what numbers stayed the same. These numbers serve as the baseline cost for your water service.

Check Usage With Company

The water company is ultimately responsible for measuring your water usage. In the end, it is their measurement that will serve as the multiplying base for your charges. In order to know the exact amount of water you used, you can reach out to them directly via phone. If you want to access your information quickly at any time, day or night, you should see if your water provider has a website with client accounts. The online method is highly effective because it shows you exactly how much water you’ve used thus far.

Once you have the baseline charge and your water charge, you can calculate the entire cost. Knowing how to estimate your water bill can help you budget, especially in the home-building phase.

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