Your Home’s Most Vulnerable Entrances and How to Secure Them

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Feeling secure in your own home is probably one of your top priorities as a homeowner, as well as the safety of your family. However, there are many vulnerable entrances to your home that burglars take advantage of if not properly secured. This takes more than what the average home is equipped with on its own, however, so it’s important to be aware of the weaknesses inherent in your home security. Here’s how you can make a few easy changes that will secure your house and deter burglars from threatening your home and property.

Front Doors

Even if you don’t use the front door of your home as the main point of entry, it is one of the most obvious targets to any burglar that might be casing homes in the area. There are several ways you can make sure this entrance is secure. A security screen can further fortify your front door against forced entry and prevent easy or discrete access to your locks. You can also get a fortified door with a solid metal core to prevent it from being broken down. A more expensive but effective measure can also include installing a doorbell camera, allowing you to see and record those who approach your doorway while also deterring burglars who are wary of video surveillance.

Garage Doors

While the garage door itself may seem sturdy enough on its own to prevent entry, it becomes a serious liability if the door isn’t functioning properly. Older garage openers and keypads have also long been on the market for the savvy burglar to learn how to bypass, making replacing them every 5-10 years a prudent move for your home’s security. You can easily buy compatible openers and remotes through local and online sellers such as B & D Garage Doors. It’s also important to have your garage door evaluated by a professional to ensure that the tracks, gears, and bolts are secure to prevent tampering. Many people forget to lock the door leading from the garage to the interior of the home, making it especially essential that this outer level of security not be breached.


While large and well-spaced windows make for great natural lighting, they can let more than just sunlight through if not properly secured. All windows that open should come equipped with secure locks. Utilizing shatter-resistant windows can take your window security to the next level, and security screens should be installed on all windows for when you need to leave them open for aerating your home. Window sensors can be installed with home security systems, as well, to alert you both to the window opening and to any tampering that may occur.

Back Doors

The back and side doors are one of the entrances that few homeowners secure as well as the main entrances. However, even if you have a fence in place around your property, these are one of the most commonly attempted points of entry by burglars, and fences won’t always deter them. On top of regular security methods like security screens and deadbolts, consider using a motion-activated light. Having a sudden spotlight is a great way to spook burglars and encourage them to move along. Make sure, as well, that you aren’t keeping a spare key in an obvious or common place like under the doormat. Rather, consider taping them under flaps of siding along the house, buried under a rock in the back garden, or better yet, attached to your key ring in your pocket rather than left out where someone can find it.

Every home has multiple entrances through which burglars are willing to come through. It is important, therefore, to maintain a high level of security for the safety of your home, family, and property. Be aware of the crime rates in your area and make sure that your home isn’t the next target to raise those statistics.

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