Breathing Becoming a Burden? 4 Common Causes of Impure Air in Your Home

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If you have allergies, you might have noticed that staying in the house isn’t helping. If you have asthma or other breathing problems, such as COPD, the allergens inside your home may actually be worsening your symptoms. Knowing where these allergens hide and how to get rid of them can make your home healthier for all. Here are four common causes of impure air in your home.

Excess Dust

We see dust on electronics, ceiling fans, and mini-blinds, just to name a few. While this dust may be harmless to you in general, it could be contributing to breathing problems. That said, many methods of dusting can put more dust back into the air than you remove. It’s important to use a dust cloth or tool that is treated to catch the dust particles so they can be removed and not wind up back in your air.

Dirty or Old Carpeting

Many allergens, such as dust mites and even pollen, can be found in carpeting. One way to prevent this is to install a different type of flooring like wood or tile that can be cleaned much easier. However, having your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis can help to remove the allergens living deep in your carpet’s fibers. It’s usually recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year.

Stale Linens

There’s no avoiding the dust, dirt, and grime that finds its way onto our bed linens. Both the dust and the skin cells we shed during sleep help promote dust mites and more. Washing all sheets, pillowcases, and blankets once a week and drying them on the hottest setting can help to kill and remove these allergens. Items that can’t be washed this way, like pillows and your mattress, should be placed in allergen-reducing covers that can be removed and washed.

Dirty Air Ducts

Ever turn your heater or A/C on for the first time that season and get that stale, dirty smell? The air ducts in our home are magnets for dust and dirt. Those allergens then make their way into our living areas when the heater or A/C is on. Hiring a professional like Aggressive Mechanical Contracts, Inc. to clean out dirty air ducts can make it easier for everyone in the home to breathe easier.

The key thing about reducing allergens in your home is that, while it’s a constant battle, keeping up with these simple tasks will help prevent breathing problems in the future. Be sure to make dusting a regular chore and wash all linens once a week or more often. Schedule to have both your carpets and air ducts professionally cleaned at least twice a year. By remaining diligent, you will be able to enjoy the clean, healthy air inside your home.

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