Tips for Reducing Construction Equipment Downtime

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When it comes to building your dream home, having the right tools and equipment is essential for getting the job done. But when your equipment experiences a high degree of downtime, it can create a huge problem for efficiency.

Downtime: What It Is and What It Costs

“Downtime” refers to the time that construction equipment is down for repairs and unable to perform tasks. Downtime can drain a project’s finances. It does this in a few ways:

  • Requires project managers to pay for repairs
  • Puts building projects behind schedule
  • Reduces productivity
  • Forces project managers to acquire replacement equipment
  • Diminishes employee morale

You want to stick to your budget when building your home. Following these tips for reducing construction equipment downtime will help you make your project as cost-efficient as possible.

Ways To Reduce Construction Downtime

Use High-Quality Equipment

Old, run-down, or low-quality equipment is far more prone to downtime than new, higher-quality equipment. Obviously, renting newer equipment will require a greater upfront cost. However, the lack of downtime will ensure the job gets done quickly.

If you do have to make repairs, make sure you use high-quality parts as well. For instance, using a reman final drive motor instead of a standard motor will likely ensure equipment continues running much longer than it would have otherwise.

Preventative Maintenance

Machine issues that cause downtime usually start off as smaller issues that you can fix more easily. Because of that, performing regular preventative maintenance invariably leads to less downtime. A few pieces of maintenance that you should perform regularly include:

  • Checking fluid levels
  • Examining rubber seals for cracks
  • Checking on machine batteries
  • Checking tires for worn tread
  • Replacing brakes regularly

One maintenance strategy that isn’t required but may keep your machinery in top condition is making sure to maintain the machine’s paint job. Paint helps protect machines from high temperatures, guarding them against overheating.

Keep Accurate Records

As employees perform machine maintenance, it’s essential that they keep accurate records of tasks they complete. This way, the project manager will know right away if the machine is overdue for any maintenance task. Additionally, employees should report any odd noises or irregular machine functions immediately so managers can inspect the machines. This will help mitigate small issues before they result in downtime.

Employee Training

Even the best machinery can break down if operators don’t use it properly. Managers should be diligent in making sure employees have the skills to operate machines safely. This should go beyond simply how to drive them from point A to point B. This should include safety strategies such as being aware of the forklift stability triangle.

When you’re building your dream home, there are plenty of things that will stand in your way. By taking steps to avoid downtime, your machinery won’t be one of them. Use these tips to ensure the greatest amount of efficiency.

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