Home Features To Fix Up Before Selling

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Selling a home is a tricky business with a lot of moving parts. Getting a home ready, arranging showings, and working through the paperwork are just a few of the hurdles that families go through in preparation for a move.

To make things easier, we suggest a few simple home features to fix up before selling. By tackling small and inexpensive maintenance projects, homeowners can rest assured that the home looks its best. Plus, the nicer the home looks, the more at ease potential buyers will be—and the better your sales price.

Exterior Upkeep Areas

No matter how amazing a house is on the inside, it’s the outside that makes the first impression. As such, the façade and exterior sides are essential home features to fix up before selling. What exactly this entails depends significantly on the type and conditions of the home. If nothing else, ensure the paint looks fresh and neat.

Other common exterior refresh projects include new siding and sealing and updating fixtures like windows and doors. A major component of the home’s façade is its walkways and stoop, so make sure any concrete is free from excessive cracking pr ugly damage. For the entryway, consider swapping in a new door if your current one is starting to wear out. A fresh finish or coat of paint is also a simple way to clean things up in preparation for a new family.

Property Facelifts

If you have a larger yard around your home, this is a real asset when it comes to selling. So many small repairs and upgrades can make all the difference. First, check any standing fixtures. For instance, make sure any fencing is upright, free of holes, and looks nice. The latter detail could be a few cans of paint or a power wash away. If you have an inground pool, be sure to get a professional inspection.

A clean slate on larger features like pools will help ease the anxiety of buyers unfamiliar with the necessary upkeep. Besides this, taking the time to clean up the yard, in general, is a good idea. Consider making touch-ups like neatly cutting in and mulching flowerbeds and around trees for a spectacular effect.

Interior Home Repairs

The same logic applies to a home’s interior. Head straight to the hardest working spots in your home, and have a look around. Kitchens and laundry rooms, in particular, tend to show the most wear, so potential buyers will be checking out these spots. A new countertop or freshly painted cabinets makes a big difference in the kitchen.

Make sure you haven’t left any ugly holes or dangling wires in the laundry room if you’re planning to take your appliances with you. Because it houses your washer, it’s also a mold-prone area. Check for signs of dampness before visitors do, as few things scare off home buyers faster than possible rot or unseen damage.

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