How To Install Patio Pavers on Your Own

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If you’re looking for a way to increase the value of your home and the amount of livable space on your property without breaking the bank, installing your own paver patio is a great option. A paver patio is a patio made from brick, concrete blocks, or stone that is laid on a flat surface. As a result, you have a nice outdoor seating area that will enhance the look of your lawn. In most cases, homeowners can complete this project in as little as one weekend. To learn how to install patio pavers on your own, consult this helpful guide.

Clear and Level the Surface

In order to install a paver patio, you will need to create a clear and level surface. Generally, patios are around 25 square feet in size, but they can be as big or as small as you prefer. If you plan on having outdoor furnishing on your patio, measure them ahead of time to ensure you clear enough room.

Once you know how large you want your patio to be, mark off the area by placing stakes into the perimeter or using marking paint to get a general layout. Then, begin prepping the surface.

If you have trees, large shrubs, or an uneven surface in the area, you may want to rent a skid steer with helpful attachments. For example, skid steer attachments such as a root rake, stump grinder, or bucket can help you easily clear and level the area. When digging out the surface where your patio will be, make sure to leave room for four inches of gravel base and a layer of paver sand.

Add the Base and the Sand

Once you’ve properly prepped the area, it’s time to add the paver base. The base should be spread evenly across the surface and have a depth of roughly 4 inches. To ensure that the base is solid and firm, compact the area and lightly wet it with a garden hose.

Now it’s time to add the sand. Pour the sand over the base so that it is completely covered. Then, use a tamper or flat surface such as a plank of wood to level the sand until it appears flat and even.

Place and Cut the Pavers

The last step in how to install patio pavers on your own is to place and cut the pavers. Start by laying the pavers around the perimeter of the patio first, using the markings you made earlier as a guide. Then, draw straight lines in the sand to create an outline of your patio and lay the rest of the pavers. As you lay the pavers, don’t forget to level them and use a straightedge to keep them all in line.

To make the pavers fit your specific design, you may need to cut a few of them using a chisel and a hammer or a masonry saw. Once all of the pavers have been laid, all you need to do is spread a light layer of paver sand over them to fill any gaps.

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