Luxurious Ideas for a Mediterranean Inspired Patio

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Patio often comes last when it comes to redecoration activities. A couple of chairs here and there, a table to put drinks and newspapers on, a shade if it gets too hot, some flowers and that is it. This is utterly wrong and these neglected gems need a completely different approach.

When given the proper attention they become the design primes of any house. There are several implementable styles to update your exterior, Mediterranean being most universal. Therefore, here are useful suggestions on how to turn your patio into a luxurious Mediterranean inspired one.

Let it breathe

Keeping the patio space as open as possible is essential in achieving the Mediterranean touch. Therefore, a less is more approach is strongly recommended and several carefully chosen items will do more and provide both Mediterranean and luxurious feel without cluttering the area than a bundle of things blocking the space wherever you turn.

Private aquamarine nook

One of the most frequent associations when it comes to Mediterranean surely is the aquamarine sea and the calmness in us it inspires. Carefully implemented pool would be the next best thing. Inbuilt concrete or stone paved ones are the choice here, with special attention to the immediate surroundings. Imitating the sand or pebble beach, with natural material shades and wooden sunbeds will provide additional spirit making your nook even more inviting and relaxing. Adding water heaters makes it possible to use the pool in the evenings and colder days too, prolonging the enjoyment.

The ground you walk on

Being barefoot is another luxury Mediterranean provides and the sense of freedom it brings should be relived whenever possible. Choosing suitable flooring will enable that regardless of the area you live in, providing the whenever serves you. For that reason, stone flooring would be the best possible choice, both ravishingly decorative and a great heat isolator during hot days. Do not let the uneven surface or joints deter you, they add to the naturalism of the foundation, absorbing you into the atmosphere with every step you take. Furthermore, patterned design will provide dynamics and enhance the spirit of the Mediterranean region.

Prolong the joy

Unfortunately, the summers pass by so fast. Still, that does not mean that you have to give up on your patio until it comes back again. Couple the aforementioned pool water heaters with an outdoor fireplace and spend spring, autumn and even winter evenings outdoors. Wrought iron or fire resistant glass ones are typical Mediterranean examples. On the other hand, if fireplaces seem too traditional, consider burner kits by Blazing Glass. They are also a great idea and a part of a more modern approach to patio design.

To roof or not to roof?

This is an often posed question. Having one allows you to enjoy the patio regardless of the precipitation, while being roofless makes the entire area wider and more open. Luckily, there is a solution that meets both worlds. Arbors with retractable roof are what allow both options. Opting for those made off solid wood with carved pillars, for example the Corinthian order ones add to the luxury of the patio.

Nothing is ever black and white

Mediterranean means colorful, period. Terracotta pots housing luscious, vivid and vibrant colored flowers will do wonders. For example, Rosemary and Lavender will bring in an overwhelming scent, Daphne will decorate the arbor walls perfectly, while Palms need no further explanation.

Take your time, consider all different options, and build a patio that will complement your Mediterranean landscape that will impress everyone who steps onto your patio.

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