The Pros and Cons of Having Skylights

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Whether you already have a home or you’re looking to buy or build a new home, you probably have an idea of the features you want. One of those features may be skylights—and understandably so. Skylights offer several benefits, but don’t overlook some of their disadvantages. We’re going to break down the pros and cons of having skylights in your home; read on if you’d like to learn more.

The Pros

The obvious advantage of skylights is the natural light they provide. Many homes don’t get nearly enough natural light, which forces homeowners to use artificial lights and lamps. As you probably know, the more lights you use, the higher your energy consumption is and the higher your electricity bill will be. Skylights support eco-friendly efforts by reducing energy consumption and, as a result, your energy bill. Who would’ve guessed that skylights can save your wallet and the planet?

Another advantage to skylights is their health benefits. We all have our basic needs, such as food, water, and shelter, but we also need our health. After all, without our health, we have nothing. Skylights allow a lot of natural light to permeate your home, and that natural light has positive effects on your health and mood.

Skylights also give your home a luxurious ambience and aesthetic. In addition, your home will feel larger with the additional light. Because skylights produce a sense of opulence, they can also raise the value of your home, and what homeowner doesn’t want that?

The Cons

Skylights have many advantages, but we can’t overlook some of their downsides. First and foremost, you have to understand that a skylight is an additional window, which is great, but every window has the potential to be drafty, have a leak, or even allow pests to enter.

A small draft might not seem like much, but that draft counteracts your heater or air conditioner’s efforts, which costs you more in energy bills. Alternatively, skylights can make your home too hot during the warmer months.

You should also remember that skylights don’t last forever and cost money to replace. Several signs may indicate your skylight is due for a replacement, but hiring a dependable contractor also costs money. If a contractor doesn’t install the skylight properly, it can result in roof damage, leaks, and more expenses. All that said, you shouldn’t attempt to install a skylight yourself because there’s a lot of room for error if you don’t know what you’re doing. Make sure you do your research on contractors and look for reviews and testimonials.

There are plenty of pros and cons of having skylights; we have only mentioned a few of them. One more suggestion on skylights: don’t skimp on quality. If you go too cheap, the seal around the glass may not be sufficient, and it could cause more problems going forward.

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