Four Ways to Make Your Window Wells Look Incredible

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Window wells are great additions to residential homes, but when they’re not maintained or designed well, they become eyesores. Many homeowners may not know the easy ways you can totally transform your window well from a simple window to a must-see view for guests. To help you find the right way to transform your window well, we’ve put together this guide to the four ways to make your window wells look incredible.

Use Custom Decorative Liners

Using decorative liner is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your window well. A good decorative liner is a durable, easy-to-install portrait that can break up the monotony of looking at a metal window well. With custom decorative liners, you can change that metal view into a beautiful home garden, lush green forest, sunny beach, and much more. You can even find season-specific liners to further match your personal preference. Do you want your basement to constantly imbue a fall atmosphere? If so, custom liners are for you.

Play With Liner Materials

Instead of settling for a metal window well liner, you can use various types of material to make your well. For instance, constructing a window well made of stone or bricks can create a delightfully unique appearance. When doing this, make sure your DIY window well lining is built to not only look beautiful but also to carry out the daily functions of a window well.

Add Small Plants

If you’re a fan of gardening, then you can easily install small plants around your window well. Lining the exterior of window wells is a great way to make it part of your yard in a natural and vibrant way. Use small plants for this because, if you plant flowers that are too tall, they’ll block sunlight from coming in through the top of the well. 

Install Stairs

Another popular method of transforming a window well is by adding stairs. Instead of going with a normal enclosed window well, use one of the side walls as a way of installing stairs to and from your basement. Pairing this with the small plant method will look especially elegant, particularly when the sun shines through. A window well needs to act as an emergency egress regardless, so transforming it into a beautiful and functional entrance can help you maintain that safety standard. When adding stairs, don’t forget to keep good drainage in mind.

By using any of these four ways to make your window wells look incredible, you’ll ensure that you get the most out of your home improvement project. When using these methods on your property, make sure your window wells are abiding by the proper code requirements. If you keep that in mind during this project, you can let your imagination run wild with creative possibilities. 

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