Three Crucial Tips for Finishing a Residential Basement

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Finishing a residential basement is no small task. There’s a lot of care and consideration that needs to go into a renovation like this. However, if this your first time tackling such a project, it might be stressful figuring out where to start. These three crucial tips for finishing a residential basement will help you avoid making costly mistakes. 

Know When To Seek Professional Help

If you’re a DIY homeowner, there are a few stages of the basement renovation you can do on your own. For instance, even novice homeowners can do the painting on by themselves. Some homeowners might also have the skills to deal with the electrical and plumbing on their own, but you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.

Even homeowners with a DIY attitude should let professionals complete tasks like flooring, drywall, ventilation, and heating. By knowing when to reach out for professional help, you can avoid making simple mistakes that will become harder to fix after the basement is finally finished.

Prioritize Your Lighting

When you’re planning the lighting arrangement for your basement, do it meticulously. Your first instinct might be to simply install lightbulbs throughout, which is certainly something you should do. However, there are other ways you can effectively brighten up residential basements.

For instance, installing windows or window wells provides basements with a source of natural light during the day. Plus, reducing clutter and placing one or two mirrors throughout the basement can simultaneously allow light to bounce around the room and make the area feel more spacious. Something you should also consider when it comes to window wells is your landscaping.

That might sound odd, but allowing trees and other plant life outside to cast a shadow over the well can hinder the flow of natural light to your basement. By regularly trimming your trees, you can improve the lighting quality for your basement and, potentially, for the rest of your house, too.

Invest in Egress Windows

Most local building codes require homeowners to have egress windows in basements that are living areas. Not only will egress windows keep you in accordance with local building codes, but they’ll also give you a means of escape in emergencies like a fire or break-in. In fact, you can effectively design window wells to act as both a means of natural light and an emergency escape route.

That said, there are a handful of additional building codes to keep in mind when designing an emergency egress in your basement. The last thing you want to do is install an egress window in an effort to follow building codes, only to violate those codes due to a design flaw.

By using these three crucial tips for finishing a residential basement, even first-time homeowners can tackle this project with success. Remember, this is no small task, but it’s a task that can yield incredibly satisfying results.

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