Things to Look for in a Landscape Architect

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One huge mistake which homeowners make when they are trying to improve their yards or landscape is not hiring a landscape architect. Successful architectural landscape design requires an intricate and detailed plan, a plan which can only really be drawn up by a professional landscape architect who has the education, expertise, and vision to turn your dreams into a reality, and then some.

Without having a solid plan in place for your landscaping project, you could run into a lot of frustration and increase the likelihood of getting something majorly wrong. Investing in a landscape architect will give you the best possible result and is a sure-fire way to end up with a finished product which massively exceeds your expectations. Having a landscape architect handle your project does not mean handing over the reins; you will still have ultimate creative control over the project itself.

Here are three things to look for in a landscape architect –

#1: A Willingness to Listen and Collaborate

Not all landscape architects are the same. Architecture is a huge field and many architects spend a lot of their time working on large corporate projects and, as a result, are not used to working with individuals. You should go with an architect who has had experience working with individual homeowners. With that comes a general willingness to listen to your desires and to collaborate with your thoughts and ideas to create a final product which you have in mind.

Remember, it is your project and your architect is working for you. You generally cannot go wrong with residential landscape architects, but that does not mean you shouldn’t give a second thought to landscape architects who work on larger projects too.

#2: A Creative Thinker

You may think that all architects think creatively, but that is not the case. Some architects expect to always be handed with comprehensive plans which iron out all the finer details. When you are screening for a potential landscape architect to handle your project, try to get an idea where they get their inspiration from and how their creative process works.

Any good architect should be able to easily put into words where they get their inspiration for their designs and how they go about the overall design process.

#3: A Comprehensive Process

All landscape architects and designers should have some form of process which they go through in-order to realize your final design. After all, this is what you are paying a landscape architect for: the process by which they turn your vision into a reality.

Any good architect should be able to coherently explain their process to you and talk you through the different steps and obstacles to completing your project.

Hiring a landscape architect is an essential part of any substantive re-design of your home’s landscape. Such a major project warrants the use of a landscape architect who is a creative thinker, is willing to collaborate with you and uses their own process to turn your visions into a reality.

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