5 Essential Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Backyard

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kid friendly backyard

For many people, the backyard is an oasis from the outside world. Sure, that can also be the inside of a home, but the backyard gives you that expanse of nature to latch onto as well. For children, the backyard is a place where imagination can run rampant, where deeper connections with friends and family exist, and where they are free to roam and play. If you want to make sure the yard is a haven for both yourself and the kiddos, take a look at these tips for designing a kid-friendly backyard. The kids will thank you!

Leave as Much Green Space as Possible

No kid wants to play in a backyard full of concrete. Even if you don’t have a large area, make sure that there’s grass for them to play on. Sure, you can put in that patio you’ve wanted, but make sure the sizing complements the green space, rather than overruns it. You’ll have to put in the effort to maintain the grass, but it will make outdoor play that much more fun for the kids if the grass is soft and trimmed, rather than long and scratchy.

Design a Secret Hideout

This isn’t a necessity, but we highly doubt any kid would say no to this. A hideout can be whatever you need it to be—an outdoor reading nook to get your bookworm to spend more time outside or a sweet little dugout for your insect lover. Even if it’s just a simple treehouse, these hideaway spots are perfect for encouraging children’s imagination.

Grow a Child-Friendly Garden

A lot of people worry that a kid-friendly backyard means that the garden has to be put on hold. Kids have a habit of running rampant, kicking soccer balls into the azaleas, or tripping over the tomato vines. Make sure each area of the backyard has a designated border—not necessarily by fencing off the garden, patio, and play area, but by making it known “this is our garden area.” To help them understand the beauty of that, leave them a space to grow their own garden. This will encourage their appreciation and understanding of keeping these areas clear from flying balls and prying hands.

Pay Attention to Playground Placement

Specific areas of the backyard should all have functions. Your playground can be what you base the rest of the backyard design around. Things like slides and swing sets require level ground and solid sightlines. Swing sets and playgrounds should be the first thing you plan for when you design the backyard oasis.

Put Safety First

The reason you want to put playground placement first in the design plan is because safety needs to be at the forefront of all things. Backyard designs go awry when safety isn’t put first. Make sure you pay attention to all the proper regulations, whether that’s for your swing set placement or for pool regulations. You’ll be less worried later if you plan with safety in mind now.

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