The Top Uses for Artificial Turf

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Many people think of natural grass or other natural plants as the only landscaping solution for their home, but they fail to realize there’s another cost-effective, low-maintenance option: artificial turf. Unfortunately, when people hear this term, the main applications that come to mind are sports fields and golf courses.

However, there are some other top uses for artificial turf homeowners should consider. From urban rooftop gardens to pet-friendly playgrounds to your own sports pitches and golf putting greens, turf’s many alternative uses may surprise you.

Synthetic turf is a common DIY project for experienced homebuilders, but you may want to consider hiring a professional installation crew if you’re unfamiliar with the material.

Pet Playground

Dogs love artificial grass, so dog owners will find solace knowing their furry friends enjoy the blades and texture of the synthetic grass. Rather than take your dog for a walk or play in a separate park, save the time with your own backyard dog park.

Your pet will love rolling around, jumping, and playing in the landscaping. Moreover, artificial turf is low-maintenance and almost mess-free. With a simple soap and water cleaning, you can clear your artificial grass of any dirt, debris, and pet waste without needing to replace it.

Balcony Landscaping

You can also use artificial grass for balconies and rooftops, especially in urban environments. Cities are infamous for their lack of greenery. Unlike suburban or rural areas, where you’re surrounded by grass and yards, urban living is nothing but concrete and asphalt. You might have a park nearby if you’re lucky.

You can change this by adding synthetic turf on your balcony or rooftop. Installing artificial turf onto a roof is cheap and easy, and unlike natural grass, artificial grass requires no chemical or fertilizer treatments. You’ll have a green outdoor space 365 days a year without additional landscaping services.

Sports Practice Field

Most people already picture commercial sports fields made from artificial grass, but you can have your own right in your backyard. Whether you want a football, soccer, lacrosse, or general sports surfacing, a practice field is one of the top uses for artificial turf today. Cleats, sports equipment, and heavy use frequently tear up natural grass, but synthetic grass is built to withstand this intensity. Even with frequent playing, the sports pitch will retain its aesthetic appeal without risking injury.

Golf Putting Green

Related to sports pitches, consider installing your own golf putting green. Artificial golf greens have many benefits, from creating a practice space to providing attractive curb appeal for your home. Having your own putting green means you save thousands of dollars on a gold club membership.

Like other artificial grass applications, putting greens require no mowing, no chemical treatments, and little weeding compared to natural grass. Not to mention, having your own golf green increases your home’s market value, as this is a unique landscaping feature many homeowners desire.

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