How to Know When Your Home Needs New Windows

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Aside from energy bills that are conspicuously high for no good reason, there are other signs that would indicate it might be time to consider replacing the windows in your home. Some of these indications are not as obvious as others, so here is a brief overview of how to know when your home needs new windows:

Comfort Is the Best Place to Start

You may be putting up with extra warm summers and abnormally cold winters inside your house despite running your HVAC system unceasingly. One of the first indications that your windows are not up to the task is when you can feel either the extreme heat or cold when you are near or next to the windows. This could be because your existing windows still have only single-pane glass in them. These windows can account for as much as 30 percent extra energy use, which is equivalent to anywhere from $101 to $583 per year on average. That’s the same as 51 to 317 gallons of gasoline when limited to single-pane windows.

Protection from Winter Chill and Summer Heat

On cold nights, are you still feeling a chill while wearing more sweaters when the thermostat is set to 70 degrees? Are you continually trying to find a heavier drape for the windows that helps block the cold coming into your living spaces? Conversely, does it feel more like a sauna inside your home during the summertime? These conditions are an example of heat loss and heat gain. It is possible to upgrade to a better window pane that reduces both conditions without reducing visible light as it passes through invisible low-E coatings designed to preserve the indoor air climate. Contact a company like RWC for more information on your options.

Energy Loss Leads to Inefficiency

Is your heating and/or cooling system cycling on and off more frequently than it should for your presets? Most units run on a set temperature. When the indoor temperature either drops below or rises above that setting, it triggers the AC unit to cycle on again to bring the temperature back to the correct setting. Energy loss through air gaps is most often responsible for this frequency of cycling. If your windows are improperly installed, lack weatherstripping or have gaps, you can check for air leaks to determine whether you need efficiency improvements.

Deterioration or Rot Are Signs of the Need for Replacement

More than half of the homes in the U.S. Still have their original single-pane windows. Normal wear and tear will make these windows less efficient, even if they still manage to keep the rain outside. Metal or aluminum windows can deteriorate, and wooden windows can rot. These are clear signs that it is time to replace your windows.

How Old Are Your Windows?

Many of the homes in the U.S. were built 50 or more years ago. As most of these homes still have their original windows, it is indisputable that having them replaced is sound judgment. Older windows do not provide the benefit of newer glazing technology that maximizes energy efficiency by using low-E coated glass. If all the homes in this condition were to upgrade to ENERGY STAR-certified windows, the amount of energy saved could amount to as much as 20 million BTUs for each house every year.

Newer homes that are just ten years old could stand to have the windows replaced simply due to the advancements in window technology and construction materials in the last decade alone. Modern window models provide the highest energy efficiency. They combine insulating glass with inert gas fills and low-emissivity, or low-E, coatings. The framing materials are the highest performing with tight weatherstripping to respond to their rated performance demands.

It would be next to impossible to replicate these features and benefits by merely repairing an existing window.
You must determine if the investment is worth it to you with respect to how long you expect to remain in your home. On average, return on investment is calculated within the span of seven years. New window and door installation in NJ represents a significant enhancement that increases the value of the home, so you could see a recoup of your outlay even if you are not planning to remain in the home.

There Are More Reasons to Replace than to Refrain

It is true technology continues to evolve daily, but this need not be a reason to put off window or door replacement. Any of these openings represent a void in the building envelope. Making use of the most efficient protection from the elements is a wise choice simply because the longer you wait, the more energy you waste.

If you are wondering if the timing is right for your window replacement, the answer is yes. With respect to the energy efficiency of your windows and doors, timing is everything, and the time to upgrade is now. Modern windows and doors are feature-rich, made from the highest quality construction and provide you the best opportunity to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as it can possibly be.

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