4 Classy Doors to Kick Up Your Curb Appeal

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When it comes to your curb appeal, people notice everything. They see if your gutters are sagging and take note of attractive features like a beautiful bay window. When it’s time to replace your front door, you’ll have an opportunity to drastically improve your curb appeal. Here are a few of the top door designs that you may want to consider for your home.

Choose Quality for the Best Return on Investment

According to recent research, an upgraded front door can improve your home’s value by nearly 75% of the investment value, while costing around $2,000. The key here is to upgrade the door by improving the quality. Look for attractive entry doors that are solid, secure, and designed to last. Whether you get windows or not is a personal choice, but the door should look great and have a substantial feel to it.

The Unexpected

What really boosts curb appeal is often the unexpected. A solid oak door looks great, but one that features a bold color that’s readily visible from the street will stand out more and boost your curb appeal. The same goes for windows. While you can settle for plain glass, decorative scrollwork will make it more noticeable and add an unexpected touch to the home.

Matching Doors and Sidelights

Builders are often looking for ways to save money, so they’ll pair a standard wood door with white vinyl sidelights. While this may initially look attractive, it cannot compare with a door that’s perfectly matched with the sidelights. Reputable companies use matching materials on the doors and any sidelights for a seamless transition and more attractive appearance.

Consider the Double-Entry

Rather than a single door with sidelights, consider taking your home to the next level with a double-entry door. These are available in solid wood or with glass inserts, and they’re sure to make an incredible impression on visitors. A company like RWC Windows, Doors and More can even enlarge the opening slightly to allow for a wider overall design.

If your house looks a little dull and you want to make it more impressive, then consider adding a new front door. With a classy entrance, you can easily boost your curb appeal and make the entire property more attractive. Go with a quality door finish and seamless installation to boost the property value at the same time. You can choose almost any custom finish to make your home stand out, and you’re sure to love the results when you go with a fine front door.

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