Backyard Beauty: Tips to Create the Perfect Landscape

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As a homeowner, you want your backyard to look beautiful. It should complement your home’s exterior while giving your family the perfect place to play and relax. But landscaping doesn’t always come naturally to every homeowner, and it’s hard to know how to fit features like gazebos and pools alongside your vegetable garden or fully grown maple trees. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to put together a seamless, well-designed backyard. Especially with fall here, now’s the perfect time to get started on some major projects, so come springtime everything else falls into place. Just follow our tips below to get started.

Create a Plan

This seems like a logical first step, but it’s also the most crucial. As you design or re-design your landscape, make sure you take the time to outline every aspect of your yard. Take several factors into account, like the direction your home faces, the way your yard slopes, and how high your shrubs and trees will be at full maturity.

Creating a solid plan will also let you incorporate every element into your landscape. Your pool won’t sit at an awkward angle or on the wrong slope, and your shrubs should be far enough away from your foundation that they won’t cause any damage. Talk to a professional if you want help crafting the perfect backyard design.

Consider Sunlight

The amount of sunlight your yard gets will determine what types of trees and flowers you can plant. If one part of your yard gets more shade than another, you’ll want to place shade-tolerant trees and plants in that area instead of the sunny spaces, where they’ll likely die.

Sunlight also shapes where you place other backyard features. For instance, you probably want your pool to get a decent amount of sunlight, but you don’t want the area to be so sunny, you never feel truly cooled down and relaxed in your pool.

Keep in mind that the sun’s position will change throughout the year while you decide where to put these features.

Consider Your Climate

You might want a luscious, green lawn all year-round, but you live in a drought-ridden desert. You might want to plant tall, imported trees, but your area frequently experiences hurricanes. As you choose plants and plan your design, take your area’s climate into account. You’ll save money and time by investing in trees and plants that will last a long time in your area. You should also take water usage into account. For instance, if you live in Arizona, you might consider xeriscaping part of your yard. 

Use Anchor Plants

Whatever landscape design you choose, use anchor plants that tie your yard’s aesthetic together. Shrubs and bushes often serve to unite the yard and give it a cohesive look. Plus, they help your yard look green all year long, regardless of the weather conditions. Plant shrubs along your pool, by the gazebo, and near the house or entryway to tie the look together.

With these four tips, you’ll soon have a beautiful garden your family will enjoy and your neighbors will envy. Use the changing season to start laying your landscaping foundation. Whether it’s pouring gravel or building stone walls. Talk to your landscaping professionals and blue world pools installation experts for more advice on how to landscape your backyard for beautiful results.

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