Home Building 101: 7 Interior Decor Ideas for your New Home

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The thought of making your new home feel like home shouldn’t make you grind your teeth. It’s hard enough just moving all those boxes! Therefore, try these interior decorating ideas for your new home:

1. Reclaimed Wood

Tons of companies take old barns, shops, and sheds apart in order to recycle the weathered, usable wood to folks like you.

Reclaimed wood is cheap, and using it gives your home a warmth and character that’s hard to match with new flooring. Don’t like the idea of reclaimed? Try laminates or ceramic tiles that imitate the look and feel of weathered wood. Consult with a knowledgeable flooring installer like Certified Flooring Installation, Inc., for good advice on what style will best fit your home.

2. Fabric Wall Coverings

Forget the paper: Fabric is in. A popular option for museums that like to integrate texture, textile coverings make a bigger statement than wallpaper because of their third dimension–depth–which creates shadowing and ups a room’s drama, even if everything else in the space stays the same.

(Don’t want fabric on your walls? Installing textile wall hangings instead.)

3. Art

Nothing adds pizzazz faster than artwork. A couple pieces that say a lot about you can make a room go from blah to bling instantly. There are many different forms of art that you could put up. You could put up different portraits that speak to you and the compliment the room. You could also do something along the lines of hanging old antiques on your walls. This could include anything from old traffic lights, old telephones, or even old bikes.

Some other ideas could also be baskets and other decorations. You could also become very artistic with painting your walls. This could be abstract art with mixing different colors. You could also paint on different words or your favorite poetry. Bottom line with adding in art is to remember that you can be as creative as you want and whatever you decide to do, you can make it yours.

Browse websites like Etsy for unique conversation starting pieces.

4. Paint

Paint is an obvious option but worth mentioning because it’s a cheap, quick way to transform your space into one that reflects your style.

Skim magazines for ideas on integrating color. People opt for white because its "safe", then wonder why the fresh paint isn’t bringing a lot to the table. So, unless you’ll contrast white walls with hangings or art, try colors!

5. Window Treatments

Change old plastic blinds to wood slats, or add drapery or valences, to give homes a fresh look both inside and out. Again, a good, all-around professional can point you in the right direction.

6. Rugs

Similar to new floors, area rugs can add style without the commitment and cost of permanent flooring.

7. Foliage

Bring a little exterior inside with greenery. It’s amazing how a couple of ficus or fern, available at home improvement stores everywhere, will make your home more inviting (and smell fresher).

Follow these tips and you’ll have indoor decor that promotes your style, maintains your sanity, and saves your wallet.

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