Trendy Home Decorating Tips for Fall Lovers

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Fall is around the corner, which means crisp autumn breezes and warm apple cider are within reach. If you want to invite fall into your home and never let it leave, a quick refresh for your home’s design may be the best call. These trendy home decorating tips for fall lovers can make your home an autumnal haven even once fall is over!

Celebrate with Harvest Accents

One of the most iconic parts of fall is the bounty of a fresh harvest. Honor traditional fall crops by using them as accents in your decorating. You do not need to use real gourds or pumpkins, but make sure that they are convincing enough to avoid appearing as corny decorations. Additionally, cornucopias act as excellent centerpieces for dining room tables and can hold all your harvest goodies.

Coordinate with Autumn Colors

The colors you use in your decorating can create a cozy fall atmosphere even without typical fall décor. Use oranges, reds, grays, and browns when picking out decorations for your living areas or setting up guest rooms. You may want to pick something that you can easily change out through the passing of the seasons, such as tablecloths or chair covers.

For something that will label you as a fall fanatic all year, try a more permanent solution such as wall coverings or pieces of furniture. Wallpaper with fall accents, such as golden leaves, can add a nice touch of autumn into your regular interior decorating scheme. Even changing the wall color to something darker and more mysterious can add that fall feeling you crave.

Implement A Rustic Home Design

Completely revamping your home’s design to be rustic can keep you living in an autumnal paradise all year long. The rustic home design allows for the use of antiques, old wood, and tarnished metal—things that can remind you of a finished autumn harvest. There are plenty of ways—big and small—to add a rustic touch to a home, especially if you are interested in DIY projects. Consider what would be in a cozy farmhouse when looking to go rustic during the fall. Warm wool blankets, vintage farm tools, and wooden decorations will add to your image.

Decorate with Real Fall Foliage and Flora

If your favorite parts of fall are the beautiful leaves, then the best trendy home decorating tip for fall lovers that you can use is to incorporate leaves into your décor! Use leaves in DIY projects to impress your guests or add branches of colorful leaves into your vases.

It is important to note, though, that real leaves can be messy if not properly maintained. That is why you may consider using faux leaves, as they can be just as effective. However, if you choose to use real leaves, make sure they are free of any fungus, pests, or disease. You could even try preserving beautiful fall leaves for use year-round!

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