Best Tips for Positioning a Rug in a Bedroom

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Best Tips for Positioning a Rug in a Bedroom

Rugs can tie an entire room together, and they’re a great way to add the finishing touches to your bedroom’s design. They are the perfect addition to any bedroom ensemble and add to the room’s ambience. Whether you’re looking for softer textures or want to correlate with the room’s color scheme, you have a wide variety of options to choose from when looking for the perfect rug.

However, you might be wondering where you should put it to maximize its aesthetic capabilities. Many people overlook how the rug’s placement can affect how it complements the rest of the room. Here are the best tips for positioning a rug in a bedroom.

For Conventional Purposes, Place It at the Foot of Your Bed

Most people put an area rug at the foot of their bed if they want it inside their bedroom. However, you should always take the rug’s size into account before you use this placement.

If the bed is bigger or the same size as the rug, put at least a foot of space between the two to increase the rug’s vibrancy and prominence in the room. On the other hand, when the rug’s width is larger than the bed’s, push it a few inches past the foot of the underside of the bed.

When Space Is an Issue, Put It Under the Bed

Putting the rug under the bed reduces its visibility within the room, but you don’t have much choice when your room is small or you’re living in a studio apartment.

For rugs that mostly fit in front of your bed, you can place them snugly right below the bed, with only six to eighteen inches hiding underneath. This method allows you to show off the rug while remaining practical with your space.

If you don’t have enough floor space to spread your rug out, you’ll need to put most of it under the bed. You won’t be able to show it off as much, but you can maximize the impact of what’s visible. Choose a rug in a solid color or with a smaller, repeated pattern, and let two to three inches peak out from under the bed frame.

To Make a Statement, Put It on the Bed’s Side

Although it’s unconventional, you can put the rug on the side of your bed, especially if you have a larger room. In addition, this method works well in rooms where the bed sits against the wall.

If you try this in a smaller room, keep in mind that the rug will become the room’s focal point. With that in mind, purchase the type of rug that will stand out and own that role so that it doesn’t feel out of place. If you want to experiment with your interior design, try putting it at an angle.

Overall, it’s your rug, and you should position it in a way that makes you happy. Even if there is no furniture to accentuate, following the best tips for positioning a rug in a bedroom will make everything coalesce into a pleasing aesthetic.

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