How To Design a Trophy Room

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trophy room

With a home built to fit your needs for storage, layout, and displaying key items, how could you go wrong? In the process of deciding how to get the most use out of a particular arrangement of rooms, hallways, and open spaces, remember to dedicate space to other things. Many people have areas where they display their awards or the awards of family members. The word trophy can encompass many different types of items. Understanding how to design a trophy room to fit your individualized needs is a great perk of building your own home.


In assembling a trophy room, you’ll want to account for functionality. It’s easy to create a museum-like atmosphere, but that can feel stuffy, which may make people avoid the room. Creating a room that is inviting and comfortable yet still allows you to display your collection without it getting in the way or being touched by others is the goal. Consider making your trophy room double as a recreation room. This way, people who are visiting and spending time in the room will be able to see your accomplishments. If nobody is able to view your trophies and awards, it defeats the purpose of having a trophy room.

Room Size

Though smaller rooms can create an atmosphere that feels more intimate, you’ll want to leave yourself room to grow. Limiting space based on the current number of trophies you hold may cause issues later. Whether your trophies take the shape of memorabilia, art, taxidermy, or something else, a larger room can feel much more impressive. Using a large space that doubles as your entertainment room allows you to avoid crowding your accomplishments together.


Many people opt to use drywall in their trophy rooms. However, it is worth considering using plywood over the wall studs, then sheetrock, as this material is fire-resistant. The plywood helps you hang trophies without always having to find a stud. Additionally, installing different types of shelving based on what you’re displaying can add greatly to the room’s aesthetic. Consider adding some built-in shelves, floating shelves, and perhaps even some corner shelves that help utilize negative space in a room.


The beauty of building your trophy room from scratch is that you can install electrical outlets and lighting wherever necessary without tearing up the space. Consider places that may be helpful for idyllic lighting solutions and install electrical work accordingly. You may think that having an outlet or two on the floor or ceiling could be beneficial. You may also want to think about shelf lighting and uplighting, depending on what you’re displaying. With some trophies, minimal sunlight is best to preserve their condition, so treating windows and implementing other forms of light could be very advantageous.

At the end of the day, knowing how to design a trophy room in your home is specific to your taste and awards.  The hope is that these different points and features will help with your decision-making process when creating your ideal space.

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