Looking Sharp – Affordable Home Upgrades

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Is your home looking dull or outdated? Large-scale home renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but with a little creativity, you can find plenty of cheap ways to improve the look of your home.

1. Put a new coat of paint on the walls and ceiling.
New paint is an inexpensive way to make your home look fresh and new, and adding some light colors can brighten up otherwise dull rooms. Check out DIY books and sites for ideas on how to customize your paint job.

2. Install a new garage door.
This may seem really simple, but putting a new garage door that looks nice, and operates smoothly and quietly, is a great simple thing to do that will really improve the way your home looks from the outside. Aurora Overhead Door Inc. has a great selection of doors for you to choose from.  

3. Change your doorknobs, handles, and hinges.
Scuffed up knobs on your bathroom and kitchen cabinetry give the whole room a dated looked, and so do rusted hinges. Doorknobs and handles are inexpensive and easy to replace by yourself.

4. Put in new faucets.
Shiny, modern-looking faucets are another way to update the kitchen and bathroom without draining your wallet.

5. Repaint the cabinets.
Bathroom and kitchen cabinets can be costly to replace, so to give them a budget-friendly facelift, just resurface them and brush on a new coat of paint.

6. Replace the covers on your light switches and electrical outlets.
These plastic covers can look yellow and dingy, and new ones are available at the hardware store for a dollar or two. You can also one with patterns to give your rooms a unique touch.

7. Hang up some new artwork or photographs.
Along with a great paint job, this is a great way to give your rooms a more inviting atmosphere. If you want to keep the pieces of art you already have, try putting them in new frames and rearranging them.

8. Increase your curb appeal.
Adding flowers and plants to the outside of your house is a great way to give the exterior of your home a welcoming look. Putting in a sprinkler system can help keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

9. Put slipcovers over your old furniture to cover imperfections and add some new color.
Buying some colorful pillows can be another cheap way to spice up your living room.

10. Invest in new storage.
Decreasing your clutter can make your space look less cramped, so install some affordable shelving. Storage systems designed for your bedroom closet can keep clothing and shoes in their place.

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