Getting a House Extension? What You Should Know Beforehand

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Are you planning to extend your home in the future? Doing so can represent a great way to boost the value of your property, and can also provide you with more space and light if you’re building a conservatory, or an extra bedroom. Regardless of what an extension is for, it’s worth considering some factors and questions before you start making changes; these range from getting planning permission, through to knowing what sort of extension you need, and how you’re going to decorate it to fit in with the rest of your home.

In terms of planning permission, you’ll need to apply to your local council to see whether you can build on your land, and to find out if there will be any objections from your neighbours; in most cases, it’s best to check with your neighbours first before starting any work, and to inform them of how much time you’ll be spending on it, and how much noise it’ll likely produce. You can apply for planning permission through websites such as Planning Portal, and should also check with your insurance company to see whether an extension will affect your buildings policy.

Deciding on what kind of extension you want is a crucial consideration – if you’re building a conservatory, how much garden do you want to keep after it’s been built – similarly, do you want a conservatory that can act as more of an outhouse for pets and storage, or somewhere that you want to spend a lot of time in? If you’re building an extension for a new bedroom, will it be large enough, and will there be enough light?

Taking the time to pick the right contractors for work on extensions is important – you can find out which local builders have been approved by the National Federation of Builders by checking the organisation’s websites; when negotiating with a building company, try to get as many quotes as you practically can, and quiz them on public liability insurance and the details of written contracts – you may also find that certain jobs can be more expensive at different times of the year.

When putting together an extension to your home, it’s similarly essential to plan for how it’s going to extend your existing decor – do you want to use the same type of flooring as an adjacent room, and what sort of doors do you want to use to get into it? For a conservatory, do you want to keep things simple and open for relaxation, or do you want to use it as more of an extension of your living room? For bedrooms, will you have to install new electrical fittings and other items?

Year round practicality should be viewed as a concern if you want to get the most out of your extension. For example, you can use a conservatory all year round, but with an emphasis on avoiding it being too cold in the Winter, and too warm in the Summer. Skylight and window conservatory blinds can enable you to both create privacy, and to protect yourself from the Sun by using UV resistant blind materials.

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