5 Additions for Homeowners of Prodigious Wealth

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Whether you have saved up for many years or recently come into a fortune, one of the best ways to enjoy your wealth is improving your home. Luxurious home additions can give you a space to exercise, enjoy a favorite hobby, or make memories with your family. When you’re ready to splurge, these five additions will let you live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Make Waves

Swimming is great exercise, but the weather is often too chilly to hit the pool. Enjoy a low-impact workout in any season with an indoor swimming pool. An indoor pool also serves as your home’s party central, and rain or cold spells will never spoil the fun. Also, cleaning and maintaining your pool will be much simpler, as you won’t have to worry about insects, leaves, or dirt finding their way into the water. There are many indoor pool options available to suit any space, from Olympic-sized to compact swim spas.

Good Times on Deck

Are you a former skater, or do you have teenagers who love to skate? Make your home the best on the block with your own indoor skate park. A sprawling basement with a high ceiling is the perfect location for all those half-pipes. Consult a reputable contractor offering basement remodeling services to see if your basement can accommodate an indoor skate park.

Strike Up Some Fun

There is nothing more fun than bowling night, minus the long lines, greasy food, and rented shoes. Enjoy this sport right at home with your own private bowling alley. A bowling alley is the perfect home addition for families with children and seniors who want to stay active. Add a healthy concession stand to take it up a notch.

Play Around

Video game arcades may have gone the way of the dinosaur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them back right in your own home. Watch your childhood dreams come to life with a personal arcade room. You can install brand new games, find replicas of vintage classics, or even search for the real thing at auctions and antique stores. A home arcade will beat getting lost in your smartphone any day.

Catch Some Flicks

Movie theaters are crowded, noisy, and expensive. Enjoy the magic of the movies and none of the headaches with a private, in-home movie theater. Go all out with stepped theater seating, a high-quality projection screen, surround sound, and a digital projector. With your personal theater, you’ll save money on pricey movie tickets and protect your soles from sticky chewed gum.

Whether you choose a project that will bring the family together or fulfill a lifelong dream for yourself, a luxury home addition is an investment you won’t regret. Contact a local contractor to discuss which options would work best for your house.  There is no better place to enjoy your hard-earned wealth than right at home.

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