Make Your Home Baby Proof

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Despite the excitement and thrill of bringing home a new baby, the experience is also often fraught with anxiety. Suddenly your perfectly decorated home looks more like a minefield than a welcoming haven, and you have to set about making your home baby proof.

There are thousands of baby-proofing products out there, from electrical outlet covers and baby fences to fireplace locks, as well as other heavy-duty safety products, such as restraint straps, which can help keep things in place. But part of you – the part that has spent so much time and energy creating and decorating your home – is reluctant to sacrifice your adult-friendly abode. You love your new baby, of course, but isn’t there a way to make your home baby proof and keep its sleek modernity?

The good news is that you can make your home a safe environment without making it look like a daycare. Here are some ways to make your home baby proof quickly and easily:

Sliding plug socket covers

Remember the unattractive plastic covers your parents used to plug into the sockets? They were almost as difficult for adults to remove as for kids. Thankfully, they’ve been replaced by something much smarter and more stylish: sliding socket covers. There’s no need to remove anything; as the name suggests, simply slide the cover over the exposed holes when they aren’t in use. The result is unobtrusive and safe.

Stove-top guards

That tiny squirming bundle of joy will be walking before you know it. Bear in mind that just because something is above a baby’s eye level doesn’t mean a baby won’t reach for it. A stainless steel stove-top guard will dramatically reduce the risk of burns and other stove-related injuries by adding several crucial inches to the stove’s height. Simply adjust it to fit the width of your stove, and just like that, your baby (or toddler) is out of harm’s way.

Washing machine lock

For the brief moment in time when your child isn’t trying to avoid the laundry room, there’s the washing machine lock. It snaps easily on to front-loading washing machines and prevents little hands from prying open the door and risking serious injury.

Oven lock

Is there any scarier place than the oven for babies to find their way into? With an oven lock, you can rest easy. An oven lock snaps firmly and securely on to the front of any oven and keeps babies out. Oven locks are heat-resistant, so you can use them while cooking and safely walk away for a few minutes if necessary.

Flat-screen TV lock

Babies are prone to grabbing and pulling, which is why it’s so important that heavy objects are as secure as possible. With a flat-screen TV lock, which adheres firmly to the wall behind it, the TV becomes all but immovable – removing the risk that it will be pulled down.

Making your home baby proof needn’t be an expensive or time-consuming task. To reduce worries about the safety of your home, try to see your home through the eyes of a curious baby. Remove the dangers that you can see and supervise your baby as much as possible to avoid any accidents.

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