4 Things to Know Before Restoring an Old Barn

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4 Things to Know Before Restoring an Old Barn

Did you know the most-photographed barn in the world is in Wyoming? You’d think it’d be in the gorgeous Napa Valley region in California or somewhere in Montana. The barn in Wyoming, and many others like it, have gone through several renovations to retain its history. If you have a shed you’re looking to renovate, consider these four things to know before restoring an old barn.

Get an Expert’s Advice

Your barn is likely aged. Therefore, you need a professional’s advice on restoring it to its former glory. Just about every town and city has a historical society. Such a group may have records on what people made barns out of at different times and what tools you need before you start fixing one up. You can learn the best tips and tricks to restore and renovate an old barn by reaching out to a historical society.

Learn About Your Barn

After looking at different barns on each coast, you may notice that each has a distinct design. This observation can lead to a challenge when you’re looking to buy specific tools or materials. Many barns are old, but the original builders didn’t construct them the same way. For instance, a barn on the East Coast could be from the seventeenth century. Meanwhile, another one on the west coast might come from the nineteenth century or later. As you learn about the different barn styles of that century, note the style elements in those areas. Things to note are the types of roof used, the ceiling structure, and how many levels a barn has.

Follow Your Own Timeline

With any home improvement, many people think they might be short on cash or behind schedule. In reality, each project takes time. Going at your own pace pays off in the end, as the renovation can make your old barn look better while still retaining the same character that it had before.

When working on a barn, consider the seasons as you set up your timeline. If it’s a warm season, consider improving the exterior before moving inside. Once it gets cold, cover the barn up so that you can help protect the inside from damage. When fall comes, start to do more work on the inside and hold off on any bigger projects until it gets warm again.

Create a New Purpose

Perhaps you want the barn to be a guest house, or maybe an extra space for storage. Regardless of the purpose, start thinking of making the area new again. For example, if you’re aiming for a living space, put in insulation rooms.

As you improve the integrity of the barn, you’re going to need essential services to help make construction go faster. Services like a dumpster rental for construction can help make reconstructing your old barn faster and more fun. When considering redoing a barn, be sure to recall these four things to know before restoring an old barn.

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