When Do You Need To Hire a Structural Engineer?

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When Do You Need To Hire a Structural Engineer?

Structural engineers specialize in creating architectural drawings, AutoCAD Designs, writing specifications, calculating potential cost figures, and analyzing work from other engineers.

But when do you need to hire a structural engineer? As a current or potential homeowner, you may need a structural engineer during several stages of the homeowning process. Having a structural engineer look at your property could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Additionally, contacting a structural engineer can give you peace of mind in knowing that your property is safe. Continue reading to learn more about the situations that would require the expertise of a professional in determining your property’s structural integrity.

Selling Your Current Home

Prior to selling your home, you contractually agree that you are aware of all the potential faults of the home that can cause injury or harm. This includes mold from water damage, any buildings that were constructed without a permit, and foundation issues.

Before selling, you may consult a structural engineer to independently look at the structure and foundation of your residence to determine if it is suitable and safe. If not, this could impact or delay the home’s sale and leave potential buyers with a negative outlook during the selling process.

A structural engineer will give you a clear indication of the condition that allows you to sell your current property with no issues.

Issues With Foundation

One of the most expensive repairs you can make to your home includes foundation building. The foundation is the concrete slab or structure that your house sits upon. Any damages to the foundation could impact various structures, making the house unfit to live in or sell.

Most buyers fear the costs of foundation repair and will immediately look elsewhere if not they are not addressed. Given their certifications, a structural engineer has the professional knowledge to identify foundation issues and provide solutions for foundation repair.

Beginning To Renovate

You may also look to consult with a structural engineer before renovating your home. Maybe you’re looking to tear down a wall or create an open floor plan in your kitchen.

Before you begin the project, a structural engineer will look at the feasibility of the task. They want to know how the building will respond to stresses introduced by tearing down walls or support beams. By the end, they will have more details on what needs completion for safety first.

Purchasing Your New Home

It’s important to do due diligence on whether the home you are looking to purchase has any foundation or structural issues.

Doing so would determine costs. While both parties should be transparent during the sale or purchase, sometimes these things can be overlooked.

Knowing when you need to hire a structural engineer gives you the opportunity consult a professional with the expertise to assess your property and provide viable repair solutions. When hiring an engineer for your project, remember to consult one with a vast scope of work and innovative thinking to complete the job.

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