Investments To Increase Your Home’s Value

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It’s time to move on from vinyl flooring, even if you’ve known it all your life. Updating flooring to hardwood is a sure way to bump up your home’s value. The National Association of Realtors published a study in 2013 which determined that 54 percent of buyers wanted to pay more for homes with hardwood flooring.

You should note that we’re talking about real wood flooring here, not laminate. Buyers know the difference and are savvy enough to understand when they’re seeing the cheap option.


Homes that boast plenty of natural light are more valuable, and they can end up saving you money in the long run. More windows mean fewer lights on in your home, which also reduces your energy output. Increase your natural lighting and help the environment! Windows also make a home appear larger, so buyers will subconsciously perceive your house to be bigger.


Buyers head straight for the kitchen during an open house. If you only upgrade one thing, most realtors agree you should focus on your kitchen. While it isn’t a bad idea to update your appliances, the flow of the kitchen is an essential piece of the puzzle. Nail down a perfect layout and work on appliances later.

Remember how vital lighting and flooring are? Your kitchen is begging for an upgrade in those departments. Windows and recessed lighting can brighten up your cooking space, and installing a dimmer switch can provide a low-key option for hanging out with friends.


Your front yard is the first thing you and buyers see. Putting some funds into landscaping or sprucing up your walkway can make judging a book by its cover a good thing. Curb appeal will also help you out on open house day—not to mention its effect on your mood when you come home from work.

Redoing your house numbers is a small update that can make a big impact. How often have you squinted from your car, barely able to determine the address of a friend’s house? Well, not on your watch! The days of house numbers printed in tiny font on a mailbox are long gone.


You might not think about the roof when considering long-term investments, but you have quite a few ways to save yourself some money up there. Redirecting rainwater can significantly decrease flooding worries, and better insulation can keep costs down when it’s cold.

Spray foam is an unconventional but highly effective roofing insulator, and it can last for several decades. Spray foam is also great for protecting your home from the elements, so consider an upgrade in this department!

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