How To Set Up the Perfect Garage for Car Repairs

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When it comes to cars, you like to get your hands dirty. For a long time, you’ve even entertained the thought of building your own car shop where you can tinker to your heart’s content.

Make that dream a reality and convert your garage into a place where you can maintain, repair, and restore your vehicle. Here’s how to set up the perfect garage for car repairs.

Plot and Plan

Before you install that car lift, workbench, and wall of tools, make sure you have enough room in the garage. In general, you’re going to need at least two feet of space between the car and the garage’s walls, door, and posts. Draw up a simple schematic indicating where everything will go.

Remember to leave room for your tools and yourself for oil changes, tire inspections and repairs, and so on because you’ll be performing basic maintenance more often than anything else. Figure out where you’re putting the shelving and how much you’ll need for storage.

A workbench is a must, so account for a three-foot by four-foot workspace, on average. Also, when you lift the car, you’ll need at least 11 feet between the floor and ceiling. Plan ahead to ensure you don’t run into any issues.

Clean It Up and Keep It Clean

It should go without saying that your garage needs to be straightened out and squared away before you turn it into a car shop. Sweep the area, repair any damage to the slab, clear the space of cobwebs, and generally keep it clean.

Get used to this because a clean shop is the best and safest shop in which to work. Think about waste disposal while you’re at it. A trash can in the corner is necessary, but it won’t suffice.

Where will used oil and other fluids go, and how will you dispose of them? What about greasy rags and other fire hazards? How can you protect the floor? Look into purchasing receptacles to store and dispose of things you can’t simply send down the utility sink drain.

Buy the Basics

When deciding how to set up the perfect garage for car repairs, there are several must-have tools. Start with a workbench, shelves, and cabinets to store your tools. There are plenty of ready-to-assemble kits out there, or you can build your own, taking care to account for weight and safety. As for basic gear, pick up the following items. 

You’ll need a car lift for raising the vehicle to work on the undercarriage. Your toolkit should also have a set of ratchets and socket wrenches, crescent wrenches, an oil filter wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, an impact gun, and vise grips.

Funnels are a must for fluid changes and be sure to pick up a tire inflator for good measure. Finally, rig up your garage with enough light to see what you’re doing. You’ll collect more tools over the years, but these are the must-haves for a truly comprehensive garage.

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