Using LED Lights To Improve The Security Of Your Home

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LED lighting

It’s a well-known fact that criminals prefer the dark. No matter where in the world, most crime happens in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep. And it’s no wonder why either.

The dark provides cover, and most people are asleep by that time anyway, meaning that the criminals will have a much easier time sneaking around. The best counters to these illicit activities are often simple enough, with the most effective being a well-lit perimeter. Without further ado, here is how to use LED lights to improve the security of your home.

Where To Position Lights?

When setting up your security lights, it is best to have a plan or strategy for your placement of them. In general, it is suggested that any area that is a potential entryway to your house (think doors, windows, and any other openings your house may have) should have a security light near or over it.

However, as a general tip, your lights should be about 10 to -20 feet apart to ensure maximum coverage and brightness without going overboard.

How Should the Light Be Focused?

The focus of the light refers to how the security light keeps its concentration on a specific area. If you are looking to light a particular area, such as a gate or driveway, spotlights are usually the best option. However, if you need more general lighting, such as lighting that covers your entire backyard, a floodlight would be the most optimal.

Some security lights and wall packs come with motion detectors that may give you more power-saving potential while still being effective at lighting areas. Others may move around on an axis at set intervals.

In any case, ensuring that your light is focused on the specific areas where you need security is essential to making barriers of entry that will deter any ne’er-do-wells.

How Should Your Lights Be Powered?

The last major question most people find themselves asking is how the light should be powered. Most security lights have the option of hard wiring, plugging into a socket, or using solar.

Hard wiring takes a lot of effort but will provide you with the most consistent connection. With plug-ins, you will have a consistent connection unless the plug comes loose from the outlet.

With solar-powered lights, the only stipulation is that the lights must have adequate sun during the day to charge the battery. In any case, these are all viable options, and the final decision is totally dependent on where you plan to put the lights.

No matter what you are looking to do with your lighting efforts, you can rest easy knowing that using LED lights to improve the security of your home is one of the most effective measures available. However, you must have backup safety measures (such as a good alarm system and door locks) to ensure that you are truly safe from anything that may happen.

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