How To Make a Fixer-Upper Livable

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These days, investing in a fixer-upper is a commonplace situation. People who enjoy working with their hands or want to enter the real estate business take it upon themselves to transform the broken down into something beautiful. However, these changes don’t happen overnight. Here is how to make a fixer-upper livable.

New Paint and Fixtures

Every home has its own personality, largely conveyed through its interior color. The paint that coats the surfaces inside can change the mood instantly. For example, a deep crimson library and a lemon-yellow piano room offer very different ambiances.

Part of making a space livable is making it unique—and few things set a space apart like a fresh coat of fun, colorful paint. First, you should fill in any drywall holes and address water damage to the walls. You must also sand down all surfaces so old, chipping paint won’t pose a problem. Then, add a layer of primer, and after you, your first layer of new paint. Coat your walls, ceilings, and cabinets in new paint until the color shines solidly.

Another part of the redecoration process involves replacing light fixtures and updating the bulbs around the house. Lighting is essential in a space, and it makes it livable at night. Find a new chandelier, floodlight set, and bathroom mirror fixture to brighten up your new home.

Replace Old Flooring

We walk on our floors all day long. We can’t get anywhere in the house without our feet or shoes touching them. Because of all this traffic, flooring can wear quickly, especially if left unattended. If your fixer-upper has rotting wood floors or moldy carpets, you must prioritize these projects. Not only are these floors a health hazard, but they also prove dangerous to the structure of the home.

Replace the old flooring with new options that fit the style of the home. For example, many people prefer wood or vinyl flooring so they can place carpets. Consider what other homes in the area look like and see what materials make sense with your budget.

Create Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior matters deeply to both its safety and resale value in the future. So, while you fix up the electrical wiring, flooring, and features inside, you can’t neglect the outside. Curb appeal is the combination of items that contribute to the overall high-quality appearance of your home.

For example, you should address sagging gutters for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Otherwise, your home will look askew, and water could ruin the foundation. You should find ways to tackle landscaping, shutters, gutters, and more during your renovations.

Whether you want to settle in yourself or put it on the market, knowing how to make a fixer-upper livable makes your process much simpler. Remember to address all health and safety-related problems first and handle the decorative touches after. Then, watch as your dilapidated house turns into a gorgeous home that will stand for years to come.

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