Why Smart Tech Is a Smart Move for Electricians

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Smart technology has swept over our society with remarkable speed, to the point that it feels as though everyone has at least one smart speaker in their home or virtual assistant on their phone.

This trend opens up many new opportunities for electricians, as smart technology becomes ever more intertwined with our homes, cars, and more traditional appliances.

For electricians today, smart technology should not be simply a new trend to navigate, but an opportunity with so much potential that it would be almost negligent not to take advantage of it. Here are our top five reasons why smart tech is a smart move for electricians;

1. Retrofitting Old Tech with Smart Tech

While smart technology is increasingly coming as standard in many new builds, there are far more homes out there that do not have things like smart utility metres, smart light switches, and several other smart devices that require professional installation.

Whether it is installing a single smart light switch, or an entire smart home system, there is a practically limitless supply of potential work for electricians who are prepared to take it on.

Beyond the mere installation of smart tech, there is also the matter of informed decision-making. Much like any other modern technology, advancements in smart technology seem to move faster than production can keep up with, with devices being outdated almost as soon as they hit the shelves. This makes expert advice more crucial than ever for the average consumer, which is another area where a forward-thinking electrician can benefit.

Of course, to be able to fulfil this need, you would have to keep up to date with all the latest news and products in the smart technology space, but for those that are prepared to do that, there will plenty of demand for your services.

2. Smart Cities

The growing popularity of smart technology is not limited to residential homes, of course. Smart tech is increasingly being employed on larger scales, and so-called smart cities are widely considered to be the way forward. The rollout of 5G is also fuelling this growth in smart tech, as the speed, reliability, and availability of connections continues to improve.

Smart tech often increases convenience while making things more efficient and, thus, cheaper to run, so it makes sense that governments and councils would look to incorporate them into things like traffic management, lighting, signage, and a host of other applications.

And, for electricians that have the foresight to place themselves in this space, there is the possibility of lucrative electrical contracts. Cities never stop being built, there is always something to work on, and so there will rarely be a shortage of work for those whose job it is to keep things running.

3. Commercial Opportunities

Smart technology is making its mark in the residential and public sector, so it only makes sense that it would be growing in popularity in the private sector as well.

From energy saving measures to convenience and well-being solutions, from improved connectivity to integrated security, smart technology has been making businesses and commercial operations more efficient for some time now.

Much like with residential property, this presents two main opportunities for electricians; new builds and retrofitting. Whether there is a new complete office fitout to perform, or a renovation of an old one, there will continue to be a high demand for smart tech in the commercial space.

4. Gain Interest From the Next Generation

For electrical firms, finding new skilled labour is not always easy, and one of the reasons for that is the fact that technology pulls at the younger generation’s interests. Raised in a world saturated by computers and smartphones, technologically minded people are drawn more to careers that let them work with those kinds of gadgets.

The existence of smart technology will undoubtedly bring more interest to a career as an electrician, therefore having it part of your electrical company with attract new employees.

Smart Technology’s Popularity is Growing

Ultimately, the biggest argument for smart technology from an electrician’s perspective is the fact that it is a growing industry and growing fast. There are no signs—nor any reason to believe—that it will slow down in the near future, and that makes it an incredibly attractive prospect.

Smart technology is being installed in businesses, homes, and cities, with several major tech firms devoting significant parts of their business to it. In short, smart technology has a bright future in the electrical space.

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This article was written by John Keohane of JK Services. JKS often install smart technology in new and old homes and businesses with their qualified electricians.

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