Man Caves vs. She Sheds: Who Gets the Best Private Space

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The idea of the man cave has been around for several decades. A private retreat where a guy can relax and enjoy manly pursuits has become a desirable feature of many homes.

Women need time to themselves as well. The female equivalent of the man cave is the she shed. Couples budgeting to build or improve a home must negotiate man caves vs. she sheds: who gets the best private space?

The decision does’t have to be an either/or. With careful planning, both parties can get the private space they need. Basements and garages convert well to man caves, while backyard sheds become a retreat for a busy Mom.

The Man Cave

Men tend to use their space differently than women. Guys like to have the boys over to socialize, watch sports, share rec room games, or tinker with engines. Men often decorate their man caves with themes such as favorite pro teams or recreational activities like fishing. A wide-screen TV, game console, and fridge are standard items for a man cave.

Carving out a man cave does’t mean that the rest of the house is “all hers.” Women with kids do’t get much “me time.”  There is’t usually a separate, private space in the house that is all her own.

The She Shed

She sheds give the woman of the house a calm retreat, away from kids and household responsibilities. Most women tend to use their she sheds for rest and rejuvenation. Some women use their she shed as a reading retreat, while others use theirs as potting sheds for pursuing gardening. She sheds might also serve as yoga studios, or workspaces for crafting.

She sheds are’t as much about socializing as they are about solitude. They give busy women a comfortable, quiet place to unwind for the few rare minutes they have to themselves.

Design Matters

Building or outfitting a man cave or she shed requires careful design. Either type of space must reflect the style, and the activities, of its user. While the concept of the man cave conjures images of dark wood paneling and pool tables, they can be brightly lit and sleek as well.
She sheds are separate structures. Building or converting a shed may require a permit. Some areas impose square footage restrictions on additional, detached buildings on a property.

She shed design must consider how the shed relates to the home, where it best sits in the yard, and how it will provide the tranquility that most women seek in their she shed. Some look like mini-cottages, while others look more like pagodas or cabins, integrated with the surrounding landscape.

During the pandemic of 2020, other types of backyard retreats become popular: office or schoolhouse sheds popped up, for remote work and online learning. When everyone is home together for a prolonged time, private space is at a premium. As a result, more homeowners and home builders considered dedicating space for work, school, and relaxation.

While tricked-out man caves probably wo’t increase home values, a well-designed she shed may. A she shed adds valuable square footage and storage space. Deciding between a she shed vs. a man cave, or both, is a matter of budget, needs, and lifestyle.

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