5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

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Some people dream up their perfect wedding, conjuring up visions of majestic arches, beautiful colors, an orchestra full of instrumentalists playing with emotion, and all their friends and family looking on. The same kind of ideation happens with interior design, and the kitchen is often a central focus. This is the room where your house becomes a home to you and a comfort to the guests you have over. Here are some tips for designing your dream kitchen so it works for you and impresses your visitors.

Install a Bold Focal Point

When you start designing your kitchen, it’s wise to decide on one bold focal point. By choosing one statement piece, you reduce the risk of creating a space that’s too busy or has a distracted style. Also, choosing your focal point gives you the ability to tailor everything around that feature or item, giving you a stylistic direction from the beginning of your process. Practically, there are many bold avenues you can take. You can consider implementing columns in your interior design scheme, for one, to pay homage to the agéd past and secure a bit of grandeur for your kitchen. If you want to accentuate an art piece, stage a painting so it is highly visible. Perhaps accompany it with small, thematic décor pieces as well.

Pursue Functionality

Your dream kitchen doesn’t just look amazing. It is also amazingly useful. When designing your kitchen, find inventive storage solutions for your things. For example, if you don’t love the idea of space-hogging cabinets, consider saving space by storing your food lower. A pull-out pantry system allows you to store plenty of food and ingredients in each deep, pull-out drawer along your counter. Another idea to maximize storage is to add shelving along your backsplash. This gives you a great spot for your wine glasses and, in turn, frees up the spot they would have taken for something else.

Don’t Forget Your Lighting

If you really want a dream kitchen, you need lighting that draws out its brilliance intentionally. You have many options, but there are a couple of general principles. First, try to layer your lighting—there is little worse in a kitchen than looming shadows that make the room feel like a cave. To layer your lighting, use ambient lighting to supplement primary light fixtures. If you want to draw attention to the corners of your kitchen and add warmth, install sensible shelf lighting. Another generality—try not to dazzle your family and guests with lighting that points directly into their faces. Consider how your lights’ directionality will affect people.

Use Repurposed Materials

The final tip for designing a dream kitchen is to embrace repurposed materials. This environmentally friendly option gives you the ability to physically take material from a childhood home, a previous home, or another important place to craft your own new home. Rustic doors and pews from a church are two interesting options.

Build Your Own Kitchen

While this article includes at-times specific advice, be always mindful that your dream kitchen is your own, not someone else’s. For that reason, go for the styles, colors, and details you care about, and use others’ input as sources for your own inspiration.

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