What Kind of Floor You Should Install in a Kitchen

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What Kind of Floor You Should Install in a Kitchen

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen, or are you building your dream home? Explore this list of materials to find out what kind of floor you should install in a kitchen.


If you are in love with your hardwoods, there is nothing that says it shouldn’t continue through the kitchen. With the proper finishes, you can make hardwood water-resistant, but you can’t make it waterproof. Hardwood floors can sustain water damage over time if not properly maintained. However, their timelessness and durability make hardwood a popular and luxurious flooring for any kitchen. The best part about hardwood floors is if they ever get damaged—or you just get tired of the finish—you can sand them down and refinish them.


The vinyl made today isn’t like the sheet vinyl of the past. Sheet vinyl, while practical and affordable, wasn’t very trendy. The new vinyl on the market comes in the form of planks or tiles and works just like hardwood or tile. These sturdy and cost-effective new types of vinyl are resilient and waterproof, making cleaning up a breeze. You can even install them floating over the subfloor. Also, they don’t get cold in the winter like ceramics and tiles.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Tile is a very versatile flooring that people have used in kitchens for generations. Its stone-like finish makes it great for the daily wear and tear that comes with cooking. Some of the advantages of tile floors are that you can easily clean up messes with a mop, and the water won’t cause any damage. Also, you can get tiles with ornate designs or ones that mimic natural stones or hardwoods, so there is a lot of versatility in design.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile provides a unique look for your kitchen because no two tiles are the same. If you decide to go with a natural stone, you’ll have to choose between slate, granite, marble, and travertine. Slate and travertine are usually best for the kitchen, though, because of their slip-resistant qualities.


Laminate has long been the cost-effective choice over hardwoods. Laminated hardwoods offer many of the same advantages as traditional hardwoods—they create a warm, inviting space and have a somewhat water-resistant quality. However, developments in laminate have led to new waterproof laminates with improved cores to increase durability and improve resistance to moisture.

Stain Concrete

When you hear concrete floors, you think of plain grey floors in an abandoned warehouse or a modern mansion, but stain concrete is more versatile than you realize. Stain concrete can look like wood, marble, or ceramic. So, these types of floors are a great option if you want a beautiful finish on a budget. They can get very slippery, so you’ll want to get slip-resistant mats.

Now that you know what kind of floors you should install in your kitchen, you can build the kitchen of your dreams with stunning and practical floors.

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