Interior Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen

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Interior Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen

If you’re designing your new kitchen by yourself and want to incorporate cutting-edge, modern philosophies into your plans, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider. Check out this blog for some simple interior design tips for creating a modern kitchen to help guide you through the process.

Minimalist Influence

The minimalist lifestyle is becoming synonymous with a modern, luxury design. Rather than installing gaudy pieces into their home with ornate designs, interior designs have recently opted for less opulent accents. Instead, they derive the room’s beauty from its clean, horizontal lines, natural materials, and the selective use of color to create a more dramatic effect. Modern minimalist homes work to hide the imperfections of a space, creating a mini utopian-like atmosphere.

Monochromatic Color Palette

Can you call it a palette if there’s just one color? When planning out the color palettes for their kitchens, it’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners and designs to choose a monochromatic style. They typically opt for white, allowing the blank color to elongate the walls and increase the effectiveness of natural light to create a brighter, more open space. Then, with your single soft color, you can visually focus people’s attention on accent wallpapers, backsplashes, and other vibrant decorations in the kitchen.

A monochromatic kitchen doesn’t have to be one color. In fact, most aren’t. However, by making the majority of your space one shade, breaking the pattern creates visual moments that are far more impactful than a busy space where the visuals attack you. The mono-color is a canvas that you can thoughtfully build upon.

Frameless, Slab Cabinets

Due to the minimalist influence, modern homes don’t have traditional cabinets with ornate trim. Instead, homeowners have chosen slab-style cabinets for their kitchen to let the wood disappear into the wall. Slab-style cabinets are plain, sturdy pieces of wood that don’t have any features minus their paint or stain. This door style doesn’t draw any attention to itself, so you don’t feel as claustrophobic or trapped in as you would with other cabinets. Instead, their cabinets help the room feel open, making the walls look higher.

Finding Bold Moments for Yourself

Modern interior ideas aren’t just about creating minimalist spaces with tall white walls. It’s about bucking former ideas of what a room should look like. Instead, you can construct a thoughtful, functional space that reflects yourself. Modern designs take chances every day, one of which is trying new, bold ideas. So don’t be afraid to do the same. A modern person ignores past traditions in favor of new, better ways of doing things. So why can’t your kitchen do the same?

After looking over these interior design tips for creating a modern kitchen, you should have a better idea of what it takes to construct a beautiful, minimalist space that embraces current trends. So go ahead and start working on your new kitchen.

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