How to Take Care of Your Hardwood Floors in the Winter

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As the winter months roll around, the thought of snow and mud getting on your hardwood floors can have you cringing. You don’t want to ruin the beautiful look of your hardwood but you can’t avoid going outside all winter long. Instead, here are some great tips that you can utilize to help ensure your hardwood floors make it through the tough winter months and come out looking like brand new.

Use Entryway Mats

One commonly overlooked solution to trapping a ton of the moisture of snow and mud from outside is an entryway mat. By simply strategically placing these at your doorways, you can get rid of the outside elements that are trapped in shoes and boots. For an added layer of security, consider installing two entryway mats at each door. One should be outside of the door, on the porch or sidewalk. The other should be just inside the door. This way, there are two mats to collect as much snow, water, debris, and mud as possible.

Clean Up Messes Immediately

Sometimes we just can’t help but track some of the outdoors inside with us. Whether it’s an elderly relative that didn’t take their shoes off or the dog who took off before getting their pals cleaned, messes happen. Whether you have preference engineered flooring or solid hardwood, you need to get that top layer cleaned up right away. The longer the moisture sits on the hardwood, the more likely it’s going to be to seep in and destroy the floor. Do yourself a favor and keep mops handy by the door.

Use Furniture Pads

When you get trapped in during the harsh months of winter, it can lead you into redesigning your rooms. Before you start moving any furniture around, you need to install furniture pads underneath all of your items. These will allow the furniture to easily slide on the hardwood floor without damaging it. Without these pads, you’ll find that the furniture legs will scrap the hardwood floor.

Use The Right Cleaning Products

Hardwood is very sensitive to moisture, which is why traditional mopping isn’t suggested. You should be using a micro-fiber mop to trap unwanted dirt and debris from your floor. When using cleaning products, ensure they’re safe for hardwood floor. When you find it necessary to mop your hardwood floor, be sure that you use a small amount of water so that it doesn’t seep into the wood. Dry mopping is a common practice that hardwood floor owners utilize regularly during the winter months.

Taking care of your hardwood floors in the wintertime requires more hands-on labor than during the warm summer months. The above are four care tips that you should be utilizing this winter to ensure your floors stay in mint condition. Realize that proper planning makes all the difference in keeping out the harsh winter elements in the first place.

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