The Most Popular Types of Flooring

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When confronted with the difficult choice of what your home floors should look like, it can be hard to know where to start. So, we put together this guide to help you know the most popular types of flooring to help inspire you.


Carpets are very popular for a few reasons. First, they come in a variety of styles, textures, and materials. Interesting patterns and a wide variety of colors means you can match carpet with whatever you want. It’s is nice to stand on and it doesn’t get as cold like other floors because of its material.

Carpets are easy to install, easier to keep one’s footing on, and can additionally muffle the sound of footsteps. However, they are prone to stains and require quite bit of maintenance to keep clean— vacuums aren’t going to be enough in the long run.


Hardwood floors also come in a large variety of different materials which have their own benefits and quirks. With all the different styles you can choose, you’ll find one that matches your home. The second benefit of hardwood is its durability.

If given proper care, it can last decades while still looking good. It’s very easy to take care of, as all you need is a vacuum and broom to clean with. If you have interest in getting some hardwood here’s a guide on what to look for.


Floor tiles are just like hardwood and carpet in their variety, durability, and ability to fit into all kinds of homes. Tile requires low maintenance to clean but often need resealing to prevent damage from spills and the like.

Depending on the type of tile you want, they can range from cheap to expensive. The biggest downside to tiles is their coldness as you stand on them.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood has many similar benefits to regular hard wood. By layering hardwood over different types of wood you get the same look as regular wood with the strengths of the wood underneath. However, you do lose some lifetime compared to hardwood since you can’t refurnish the floors as many times as regular hardwood. However, engineered wood has the added benefit of being more resistant to temperature changes and moisture.

Now there are more types of flooring that you can choose from. Options like bamboo and cork can make for very nice and functioning floors. These are only some of the most popular types of flooring we thought you might want to know about. Remember, only you know what your house really needs. You should decide based on what you want—because at the end of the day, you’ll be the one living with it.

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