Care And Maintenance Of Polished Concrete Floors

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Polished concrete floors are nothing but concrete floors that are treated with chemical densifiers and then ground down with grinding tools. The amount of grit can be 400 to 3000. The higher the grit is, the finer your concrete floor would be. A large number of homeowners are using this flooring option for its sleek and minimalist look and high durability.

Over the last few years, it has become one of the most versatile flooring options available out there. Whether you are looking to renovate the flooring of a sophisticated living room, modern kitchen or a man cave, polished concrete can be a perfect flooring solution for all. With the right cleaning and maintenance routine, this kind of flooring can be made to last for generations. So, let’s find out how to take proper care of polished concrete floors.

Regular Cleaning Routine:

Here Is A Regular Cleaning Routine You Must Follow For Your Polished Concrete Flooring:

  • The most important thing you must do to maintain your polished concrete floors is to take care of any spills immediately. If any liquid or semi-solid spills on your polished floor surface, wipe it off immediately to avoid staining later on. Any debris should be removed, as it may scratch the floor surface if kicked or stepped on.
  • Clean the floor with a dust mop every day. Microfiber dust mop is best, but cotton works well too. Any pieces of debris can be easily removed by going a regular broom over it.
  • In addition to dust mop every day, do some damp mopping once in a week. You can make a solution of warm water and mild detergent and mop with it. Make sure that you use neutral pH cleaners only that do not contain any bleach, citrus, vinegar or ammonia.

Maintenance Tips for Polished Concrete Floors:

  • Once you install polished concrete flooring, it is advisable to have it sealed with a chemical sealant. Doing this will reduce porosity of the surface so that it gets least affected by stains and marks due to everyday use. A polished concrete floor with sealed surface will also have a wipe-clean finish that will be able to deal with spills more effectively.
  • The gloss of polished concrete can dull over time, especially if you allow any grime and dirt to collect on it. As you walk upon the dust particles, they scratch the surface and make it dull. Due to this, you must ensure that you sweep any dirt or debris from your polished floor every day.
  • If you use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt or dust from the floor, you must ensure that it is approved to be used on all kinds of floors. If your vacuum cleaner is designed for carpets and other soft materials, it may cause damage to the look and finish of your polished concrete floors.
  • In case of a spill, wipe it immediately to avoid any permanent staining. But in the process, do not spread the spill, as it may mark other areas as well and damage the look of the entire surface. Any tough marks should be washed with a solution of water and pH-neutral detergent. If the stain is too difficult to clean, you can use some bleach. But before that, do some patch testing on a hidden spot to see the colour changes it may bring.

With proper care and maintenance, polished concrete floors can be easily made to last long and look shiny for a lifetime. However, you just need to make sure that you are not damaging its surface with acids, bleach, vinegar and other such agents.

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