4 Common HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make Every Winter

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Investing in a high-quality HVAC system is one of the most important things that a homeowner can do. An HVAC system will keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the spring and summer months. Because HVAC systems get so much use, it’s critical to properly care for them. Avoid these four common mistakes during the winter to keep your system working well year-round.

Poor Maintenance

Chances are if an HVAC system is going to fail, it is going to break on the coldest day of the year. This is because this is the time that the system is pushed to work the most. Getting the system checked out before cold weather strikes and following regular maintenance recommendations is critical in keeping your home warm all winter long. Specialized HVAC maintenance typically includes checking pipes for cracks or wear, testing the heat pump and examining the system for airflow problems.

Shutting Off Vents in Unused Rooms

It may seem like a simple way to save money, but closing the air vents or putting covers on vents in unused rooms may damage your HVAC system. Proper airflow is necessary for a healthy house and a healthy heating system. When too many vents are closed, the pressure builds up in the system and damages it over time. It can also contribute to poor air circulation in your home, causing the air in those rooms to smell stale or musty.

Dirty Air Filters

Many people forget to replace their air filters. Unfortunately, dirty air filters can cause an HVAC system to run inefficiently. Air conditioning and heating systems depend on the intake of air. The air is sucked into the system through the filters, where it is warmed or cooled, and then released back into the house through the ventilation system. Air filters keep dirt, pollen and dander from going into the HVAC system, keeping it from getting clogged. Dirty air filters prevent air from going into the system and make it work poorly. They can also make the air in your home stale and dirty, contributing to winter allergy issues.

Turning the Heater Too Low or Off

If you are going out of town, you may want to think twice before turning your heater down or off to save money. The HVAC system in your home does more than keep you warm or cool; it also helps protect your home. When winter temperatures drop, water in the pipe system can cause them to freeze and crack. This may lead to a plumbing emergency. Keeping the house warm, even when you are not there, helps protect the pipes from freezing temperatures.

Don’t get caught with a broken heating system when the temperatures are frigid. Keep your house warm this winter and save yourself from a heating emergency by caring for your HVAC system now. Contact a local HVAC professional for more help and tips on caring for your system this winter.

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