4 Reasons Why Your Hot Water Isn’t As Hot As It Used to Be

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Whether it’s time to take a shower, wash your dishes after dinner, or do a load of laundry on the weekend, you rely on having enough hot water to do these tasks. However, when your hot water isn’t as hot as it used to be, each of these tasks becomes much more problematic, especially if you wind up taking a shower that is much colder than you anticipated. If you’re wondering why your hot water isn’t as hot as you would prefer, here are four common reasons for this problem.

Faulty Thermostat

While thermostats usually don’t fail as often as heating elements do in water heaters, they do nevertheless experience problems that could result in little or no hot water for your home. In most cases when a thermostat goes bad, the result will be no hot water whatsoever. Since these problems can be hard to diagnose on your own, always call on a professional plumber to get things working once again.

Cold Weather

If you live in an area that is experiencing very cold weather, this could be contributing to your lack of hot water. During winter weather that is particularly cold, your water heater can dip in terms of energy efficiency and performance. In many cases, you may not have your water heater properly insulated. If you live in a cold-weather environment, then it is likely that your home is built to handle the cold weather. However, over time, your home’s heat efficiency may go down. In any case, it can be helpful to reach out to a professional for help. Consulting a professional such as Mr Waterheater about your problem is a great way to get a solution. Professionals not only have the experience needed to evaluate your space, they also have the tools needed to evaluate and fix.

Old Heater

If you have a water heater that is 10-15 years old, chances are that it’s past its prime and needs to be replaced. Also, like many people, you may not have had your water heater tested annually to make sure all of its parts are in good working order. If this is the case, call on a plumber and make plans to get a new, energy-efficient water heater that will serve you for a decade or so.

Leaking Heater

Finally, for you to have hot water needed for a shower or other things, your water heater tank actually has to contain hot water. If it’s leaking, this won’t happen, leaving you high and dry the next time you’re ready for a hot shower or doing some laundry. When leaks occur, they are usually due to the tank rusting at the bottom, or perhaps having connections or valves that may be loose.


Since water heaters can be complex appliances to repair, don’t try to do it on your own. To ensure you stay safe and get the hot water you need, let a professional plumber handle the job.

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